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Sit-Down Dance Party-featured

Nijmegen Venue Holds First Sit-Down Dance Party

The Coronavirus may be subsiding in Europe, but its social effects still linger. In the Netherlands, home to some of the world’s best clubs and festivals, this is felt no stronger than on the dancefloor.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Amsterdam-featured

Top 14 Craft Beer Bars in Amsterdam

In recent years, Amsterdam has been enjoying a boom in the craft beer scene. From already well-regarded brewing institutions to funky, freshly-opened warehouse taprooms, the Dutch capital offers beer lovers a wellspring of lovingly brewed classics to innovative seasonal ales and lagers.

Things You Can Do in Lockdown-featured

7 Things You Can Do in Lockdown to Stay Sane and Productive

With all the chaos and pandemonium in the world, you may have found yourself with loads of free time. Since the Netherlands started its “intelligent lockdown,” you’ve probably re-organized your bookshelves, DVDs, and sock drawer by color. Twice.

museums in the netherlands-Madurodam

The 5 Quirkiest Museums in the Netherlands

Have you ever stumbled upon a life-size replica of a microbe? Do you know how an early-modern era jukebox works? Can you tell what Gerrit Rietveld’s favorite armchair looks like?

best clubs-basis

5 Under The Radar Clubs You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

When DJ Per started mixing hip hop and dub into his sets, the woefully disappointed regulars of the Amsterdam institution, Melkweg launched a petition to make him stop. Club culture has since undergone some drastic changes since the early 80s.