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Skills for the Future-learning

The Most In Demand Skills for the Future

My son is 5 years old. When I read how “65% of children who start their primary education today will work in jobs that have not been created yet ”, a feeling of panic immediately passed through me.

MMS coach training-featured

10 Coaching Myths Debunked

Coaching is a rapidly expanding field with many companies and professionals swearing by its impact. Being coached can make the difference between reaching unprecedented happiness and success to a life of mediocrity. As an expat, coaching can be the ideal career for you! Many folks accompanying their partners, end up putting their careers on hold…


BSN: Citizen Registration in the Netherlands

The BSN, or Burger Service Number (translation: citizen service number), is a unique personal number that everyone working and living (or even just living — everyone) in the Netherlands is required to have. There are similar systems in countries around the world that issue a Social Security Number, Citizen Service Number, or Social Fiscal Number….


How to survive in your Dutch office… In Dutch!

Don’t just survive – Thrive! Living in the Netherlands is wonderful, but working in a Dutch office can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. However, there are ways to not only survive the Dutch office but even thrive in a Dutch workplace. We at Taalhuis Amsterdam would love to walk through your day and…

Finding Better Opportunities with CELTA

As a native or near-native English speaker, who has found themselves in a foreign land, finding work can often be a struggle until you master the local language. Although English is spoken widely in the Netherlands, many jobs will require you to have a strong command of Dutch. And while many businesses in the Netherlands…

Best Languages to Learn in The Netherlands

Revealed: The Best Languages to Learn in The Netherlands

Expat life in The Netherlands is great. You can walk into an Irish bar and bond with your French and Spanish friends over a German beer and an Italian pizza. In all seriousness though, this is a multicultural country, and learning a foreign language can turbocharge your career here. Sound like a good deal? Expats…

Why do the tax people in the Netherlands get money out of my employment?

There is a whole list of premiums listed on my payslip. What do they all mean? In case of sickness, unemployment, or pregnancy, you will still receive income in the Netherlands. How does that work? Does your employer pay it? Do you pay it? And why can’t you elect to get this extra amount in…

Average salary in the netherlands-2

The Average Salary in the Netherlands

Transplanting your life to another country comes with an incredible amount of changes. Emigration requires quite a lot of adjustment with many things being different from “back home”. Of all the things that you have to adapt to, salary expectations and changes in rates of pay will be top of the list. Everyone loves that…