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Dutch Tax Mail

Moving? Freshly arrived in the Netherlands? Leaving the Netherlands? All potential risks for getting disconnected with the Dutch Tax Office.

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There are many potential risks for getting disconnected with the Dutch Tax Office (moving, new in town, leaving the country). Fortunately, there is an accessible, and cost-effective, way to stay compliant with all your Dutch tax necessities. Wherever you go, you can receive, in English, all of your personal and important requests from the Dutch Tax Office. A copy of the original Tax Office letter will exist via your virtual P.O. box on your MyBlue Page. Avoid missing pesky deadlines and tax penalties with a clear understanding of the Dutch Tax Office requests, without getting the message wrong.

How to subscribe for the Blue Mail service from Blue Umbrella?

  1. Create an account on www.blueumbrella.nl
  2. Choose to sign up for the Tax Mail
  3. Choose to change your correspondence address to Blue Umbrella
  4. Fill in the PoA form and the change of correspondence address form.
  5. Send a copy of both the forms to [email protected]
  6. Transfer an amount of 99 EUR
  7. Blue Umbrella will send the form to the Dutch Tax Office
  8. From now on you are subscribed to the Blue Mail service
  9. * Please note that it may take some processing time with the Dutch Tax Office before your correspondence address has been changed. During that time you can send a copy of your letter to [email protected]

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can also always reach out to Blue Umbrella, an accessible company available to help and advise on your personal situation who can also do just about all the work for you, such as a provisional tax refund. Based on a preliminary assessment, you may be entitled to receive a monthly refund rather than waiting for the entire year. Once you have applied for the first time, you will automatically receive a provisional tax refund in each fiscal year.