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Coding & Programming Schools in the Netherlands

Whether you like it or not, the economy of the future will be almost entirely online. In fact, by 2030, some 85% of all jobs haven’t even been invented yet (and that’s less than 10 years away). With technology increasingly driving the world, it is important for children to get a leg up on the competition at a coding or programming school in the Netherlands. The country is already a world leader in technology, with some of the world’s brightest minds working in the field here. That is likely to continue, offering countless opportunities for those with the right skills. Here we list some of our favorite Coding & Programming Schools in the Netherlands. But remember, they are not just for kids. It’s never too late to change careers!


JetLearn is Europe’s most trusted live, 1:1 kids’ coding and robotics academy headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Every learner is offered a personalized learning path – based on their starting level, pace of learning, and interests. They also offer new-age courses like Roblox, Minecraft, Introduction to Metaverse, and more. Sign up for the free trial class now! Exclusive 20% off upon subscription for Expat Republic members.

Iron Hack

Ironhack is a global tech school ranked top 2 worldwide. Our mission is to help people transform their careers and join a thriving community of tech professionals that love what they do.

We do this through Intensive courses & bootcamps in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics & Cybersecurity, as well as Career Week aimed at helping our students to be prepared to look for a job after the course.

We are present in 8 countries and have campuses in 9 locations – Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Lisbon.

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