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Dutch Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the maximum mortgage you qualify for in The Netherlands.

Dutch Mortgage Calculator-featured

Applying for a Dutch mortgage is a complex task with many aspects to consider. The most important of which may be starting the process with the right amount of know-how. This way you can save time, avoid misunderstandings, and get to what’s important…LIVING!

One (highly recommended) way to get to living in your new house as soon as possible is to acquire an accurate assessment of the price range that fits your budget. By speaking with a specialized mortgage consultant, you are able to streamline the process and go into the Dutch mortgage application process in full confidence.

Hypotheek Visie is one of those specialized consultants who operate at the top of their game. In speaking with one of their specialists, you will be guided through the process with ease and clarity. From looking, bidding, and applying, to arrange your taxes accordingly, Hypotheek Visie is the #1 company for financing homes abroad for a reason.

The company has even provided a free and easy to use kick start to your mortgage application needs with their Dutch Mortgage Calculator tool. With it, you can quickly calculate the maximum mortgage you qualify for in the Netherlands.

How it works

  1. Select how many people are applying
  2. Input your yearly salary
  3. Input any loans or debts

That’s it! the amount you qualify for will appear on the right side of the screen. It will also break the number down into your average monthly payment.

Calculate your Dutch mortgage now!