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The Verdict-online experience

The Verdict: Much More than a Murder Mystery

Ever wondered what it’s like to sit on the jury of a murder trial? To review evidence, listen to witness testimony, interrogate the defendant and debate the case with your fellow jurors?

Avian Guide to the Netherlands-Heron

A Short Avian Guide to the Netherlands

For a relatively small country, The Netherlands is home to very rich wildlife population. From the majestic heron to the exotic parakeet, you can also find a wide variety of avian species in the country’s skies.

Best Brazilian Wax in Amsterdam

The Best Brazilian Wax in Amsterdam

Summer is coming up again and that’s the time when you should get hair-free. Brazilian Waxing doesn’t have to be painful – if you choose for the right salon.

Tipping in the Netherlands

Tipping in the Netherlands

As is the case in the majority of European countries, tipping in the Netherlands is not expected nor required.

Nature Getaways in Tilburg-Wandelbos

Epic Nature Getaways in the Tilburg Area

Want to sip your favorite coffee on a peaceful boat ride? Or simply relax in the arms of nature? Or maybe a fun place to take your parents in the Netherlands? Well then, the city of Tilburg has all of these options and a lot more to offer!