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After School Activities & Tutoring in the Netherlands

After-school activities and tutoring in the Netherlands offer a range of options for students to continue learning and exploring their interests outside the traditional classroom. Whether you’re looking to improve grades, develop a new skill, or have fun, after-school activities and tutoring in the Netherlands provide the perfect opportunity. So why not take advantage of all the fantastic resources available and give your child the extra boost they need to succeed?

Featured Practice

After School Activities Tutoring in the Netherlands UCMAS

UCMAS is the international school of mental arithmetic. Our technique allows children to stimulate brain development, learn alternative arithmetic calculation methodologies, develop creativity. We can partner with your school and offer classes in the premises of your school. Also, we invite pupils and students to sign up for the classes on weekends in our office in Amsterdam. In our office we administer the lessons on weekends – one lesson per week. The teaching language is English, other languages are upon request. Kids from 5 to 13 years old are welcome to join.

Website:: ucmasbenelux.com

Think Smart

Think Smart is a collective of IB tutors who bridge the gap between past and current IB students. We are Amsterdam-based, but globally present IB Tutoring Experts. In order to cope with the shifting syllabi and educational expectations, upon finishing the IB we decided to aid students that could use the aid of a mentor. What started off as a start-up establishment flourished into a IB tutoring service of the highest level of professionalism. Over the span of 8 years we created the right environment to help students seeking IB tutoring.

Website:: Netherlands & WorldWide