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Career & Life Coaches in The Netherlands

Are you feeling stuck in your professional life and career? Or, do you feel like you need that extra spark to help get where you want to be? Consider one of the many career coaches in the Netherlands to help you continue your journey to professional and personal satisfaction. Whether an individual, couple, executive or employee, the right career coach is an invaluable tool during such times of change.

Anna Kmetova

Anna Knemtova: Are you feeling stuck in your career? Would you like to make a change but don’t know where to start? With Anna, a certified professional coach, you will build a fulfilling career and a balanced life.

Website:: annakmetova.com

Coach 2 Move On

Coach 2 Move On: Are you looking for a job, want to change jobs, or get more out of your current job? I would love to help you to get clarity so that you can talk confidently about yourself with more impact to secure your success.

Ready to start? Book your free discovery session in English, French & Dutch : [email protected]

Website:: coach2moveon.com

DoSo! Coaching

DoSo! Coaching: Dorota, the author of book Career Jump! and founder of DoSo! Coaching has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world to successfully change their professional path and / or get a new job. Are you ready to make your jump? Book a free career strategy call today.

Website:: dosocoaching.com

Clarity Coaching

Kanta Clarity Coaching Would you like to find a job that aligns with your lifestyle and personal commitments? If so, you’re in the right place because I specialize in guiding individuals toward career paths that align with who they are, what they are good at, and what makes them happy.

Website:: kantaclaritycoaching.com

Lamatu Life Coach

LaMatu Professional Coaching Services – With extensive managerial experience at multinational companies and a diverse, international background, LaMatu specialises in helping expat professionals tackle their work-related dilemmas. As a professionally certified coach and NLP master practitioner, Monika offers a variety of coaching services including both online sessions and live consultations in Amsterdam. Book a free discovery call online.

Website:: lamatu.com

Sandra de Gelder: Do you find yourself getting in your own way? Sabotaging your performance, relationships, peace of mind, and happiness? Experiencing stress, loss of productivity, anxiety or lack of energy? I help high-performing international professionals in midlife create a powerful mindset, enabling them to perform at the highest level while enjoying a happy, peaceful and intentional life. Are you curious how the combination of hypnosis and mental fitness training transforms your mind? Book a free Discovery Call with me to discover the power of your own mind.

Website: sandradegelder.com

career coaches on the netherlands the career spark

At the Career Spark we aim to help international and ambitious professionals land their dream job in the Netherlands. By providing excellent quality tools, proven strategies, and helpful career advice we prepare you for the Dutch job market and support you in: customizing your CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, job interview coaching. We are the spark to your next successful career move.

Contact:: FREE Career Consultation or CV Writing Service | Professional CV

Miguel Baumann: Tired of that critical inner voice? Do you wish you could get unstuck in your career? Miguel is a certified career & leadership coach with extensive experience in managing corporate teams and startups. His clients have built confidence in their personal and professional lives and are ready to slay dragons after working with him.

Website:: miguelbaumann.com

Anna Jenkins Coaching

Jenkins Health Coaching: Health & Wellness Coaching to improve work-life balance, increase energy, and level up performance.

I help career-focused individuals (both men and women) to create more time and energy to perform well at work & be more present in the personal life. The coaching covers core concepts of wellbeing; self-awareness, stress management, sleep & recovery, physical activity, mindfulness, and nutrition. These science-based concepts create the base to build a well-balanced life. Online coaching in English or Finnish.

Website:: jenkinshealthcoaching.com

career coaches in the netherlands-koach-natalia leal

Feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, on autopilot, or simply not sure where to go next?

Natalia Leal: Are you feeling stuck in your career? Would you like to mNatália Leal offers tailor-made coaching paths for open-minded internationals – including expats, their partners, and executives. With almost 20 years’ experience across different countries and sectors, Natália combines tools that fit YOU. Schedule a free Discovery call here

Website:: natalia-leal.com

Career Coaches in The Netherlands-Grace

Grace Career Coach: When I first tried to land a job in the Netherlands in 2010, things were so HARD. The economy got crushed because of financial crises, my clock was ticking due to search year (zoekjaar) visa, and my financial support from my parents was gone. Luckily, I found my way out. As a career coach, I help professional expat to land their dream job in the Netherlands. I got English-speaking jobs for myself, my clients, and I believe it will also be the case for you. Interested? Reserve yourself a free call with me Here.

Christie Linley

Christie Linley: cross cultural coaching practice offers services and support for personal growth around life, career, and mental health. Familiar with the impact of transitions large and small, such as moving countries, changing languages, being exposed and working in different cultures, losing friends and painful separations, she provides valuable tools for you to feel safe, “whole”, healed and experience choice. As your life coach, Christie Linley can help you reach your goals, whether in her Amsterdam practice or through online coaching sessions.

Website:: christielinley.com

Set Me On Fire Coaching

Congratulations, you did it! You’ve taken that huge leap of faith… New job, new career, new country. But now what? My name is Mark Hodson: and 15 years ago I moved to Amsterdam and opened up my own restaurant. But that was only half the battle. Transitioning into my new environment was the other half. As a Life Coach and as a Transition Coach, I help artists, creatives, and professionals gain the confidence and the clarity they need to smoothly transition into their new lives abroad. And I do it by helping them discover the very best version of themselves. The Kick-Ass Version of themselves. So check out the website, take a look around, fill out a brief email questionnaire and let’s talk. The Kick-Ass Version of me is waiting to meet the Kick-Ass Version of you!

Website:: setmeonfirecoaching.com

Loopbaan advies

Your dream job is just a few meetings away! Career coach Sara Surachno has got the skills & network to help you find the right job. With the sharp questions of Sara, you will discover your unique strengths and which profession truly makes you happy! For more info, visit Loopbaanadvies Pro.

Website:: loopbaanadvies.pro

career coaches in the netherlands-koach

Koach: In an age of increasing complexity and rapid change, it is not always clear what you need to do to achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Eventually, everyone needs some help, and when that time comes, the perfect coach is waiting for you at Koach.net.

Website:: koach.net