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Dutch Income Tax Calculator

Calculate your Dutch income tax now!


Taxes are a national issue, whose laws change whenever crossing borders. For expats, tax consequences differ based on residency status and one’s personal situation.

Expats living in the Netherlands are taxed based on their worldwide income and are required to report any/all income and assets to the Dutch tax authorities by filing a Dutch income tax return, annually. For non-resident taxpayers, they are only taxed on income incurred in the Netherlands.

Confused? Try Blue Umbrella’s income tax calculator to learn how much tax you pay on your income. It is available for those who are employed and self-employed. It can also take the 30% ruling into account.

From there, you will see which of the Netherlands’ 2 income & housing tax brackets you fall under and the rates at which you will be taxed:

  • € 0 – € 38,098 – 19.07%
  • € 38,098 – € 75,518 – 36.97%
  • € 75,518+ – 49.5%

How it works

  1. Choose a Year
  2. Select your income source (Employed or Self-Employed)
  3. Input your annual gross income (30% ruling can be taken into account)
  4. Click “Calculate my tax”

Much like its Dutch Tax Mail, Blue Umbrella’s Dutch Income Tax Calculator aligns with the companies three core customer values – it saves valuable time, is cost-effective, and is part of a safe online environment.

Calculate your Dutch income tax now!