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Must Visit Castles-featured

5 Castles You Must Visit in the Netherlands

Once the bustling centre of social life, castles have since transformed from the most-coveted places to get into to the refurbished backdrops of film shoots. On a visit, you might catch sight of busy film crews, partake in highly-informative exhibitions, or explore vast pieces of land devoted to preserving centuries-old horticultural practices.

good country index-featured

Good Guy Netherlands

In 2005, UK policy advisor Simon Anholt launched a large-scale study examining the way individuals perceive other countries. In many cases, countries depend on their image, and sometimes to a great degree. It is the way they are perceived by the world, which grants certain status, provides access to information, more advanced technology, better business…

assimilating-dutch culture

4 good tips for assimilating to Dutch culture

As an expat, moving to a new country could mean learning a new culture and way of life.  The further you go from your home country, the more different the way of life can be in some cases. In this article, we go over 4 tips for assimilating into the Dutch culture. Good luck! Learn…

Dutch Flags & Coat of Arms

The national flag of The Netherlands is one of the most recognizable in the world. Its three horizontal stripes in the tricolor

Fierljeppen: Traditional Dutch Pole Jumping

Fierljeppen, (pronounced fier‧ljep‧pen), sometimes referred to as polsstokverspringen in German-speaking East Frisia is a favorite sport of The Netherlands’ North Western Friesland province.  Roughly translated to the self-explanatory “far-leaping” (originally: elegant jumping), its object is to run toward a body of water with an 8 – 13 (13,25 maximum) meter long pole (polsstok), jump over…

A Guide to Buying a Bicycle in the Netherlands

If you plan on moving to the Netherlands for work or study, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up buying a bicycle. Not only is it the preferred mode of transportation in Holland cycling, but also it’s part of the culture and everyday life, and is the easiest way to get around the cities. The infrastructure…

Awesome things for kids to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its many tourist attractions for adults, but did you know that it is also an awesome place to holiday with kids? It is unsurprising really, when you take into account that Dutch kids are rated some of the happiest in the world. There are oodles of fun things to do in…

How To Raise Bilingual Kids in the Netherlands

Raising kids can be tough enough, without the added challenge of teaching them multiple languages. Three years ago, when we moved from our home in the UK to the Netherlands, my husband and I weren’t really focusing on the fact that our newborn and toddler would end up bilingual. We talked about how they’d eventually…