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a supportive checklist for leaving the netherlands

Things You Need to Do When Leaving the Netherlands

Moving on to the next chapter can be a time of mixed emotions. Sure, leaving any place where you’ve settled, made great friends, and integrated into the culture is always hard and sad, but the Netherlands… that’s a tough one.

What is the NL-Alert

What is the NL-Alert?

Every so often your phone may inexplicably make a long, obnoxious, seemingly out of nowhere sound. It is a loud, penetrating tone that signifies an emergency. But, what is the NL-Alert?

How Sick is Dutch?

Have you ever wondered while learning and speaking Dutch how sick this language can be?

Women In Tech In The Netherlands

Women In Tech In The Netherlands

Even if the Netherlands is quite progressive in many fields, there are others where work needs to be done. One of these fields is women in tech.

Recycling in the Netherlands

After relocating to a new country, there are plenty of things to think about. How to find a house, what’s the right health insurance, where to find a job? Another important thing, that may only come to mind after some time, however, is recycling.

How to Adopt a Dog in the Netherlands

How to Adopt a Dog in the Netherlands

Are you thinking of adopting a dog that becomes your best friend? Then you are not alone. The dog is one of the most popular pet species in the Netherlands.

Lets Talk About Sex in Dutch

Let’s Talk About Sex in Dutch

When’s the last time you learned suggestive words in your Dutch language class? Raunchy phrases that are easy to remember but almost too embarrassing to say aloud?