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Iconic Buildings Amsterdam Expat Republic INK Hotel

10 Must-See Iconic Buildings in Amsterdam

The whole of Amsterdam is a remarkable feat of engineering and architecture in its own right. Much of the city that grew out of a 13th-century swamp still stands upon thousands of wooden poles.

Swimming in the Amsterdam Canals Expat Republic

Swimming in the Amsterdam Canals

The Netherlands is a very watery nation. It boasts an enormous coastline, an intricate infrastructure of canals, several natural and manmade lakes, parks filled with ponds and,

135 Years Koninklijk Theater Carré

Come Celebrate 135 Years of Koninklijk Theater Carré

From the 7th to the 25th of September, join the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and the Dutch band Blaudzun along with Codarts Circus Arts to pay homage to 135 years of the Koninklijk Theater Carré with their performance “Oscar.”


The Dutch Polder Model (and How to Use it in Your Life)

What is Polderen, you ask? The Polder Model is a very Dutch invention that some say started in the 1980s. Still, others like Stijn Kuipers insist it started in the 1920s. Even more believe it began a thousand years ago. It’s an inclusive way of thinking that tries to calm the superego and promote a…

Clean Like a Dutchie With Helpling

How to Clean Like a Dutchie

It can be easy to resist spring cleaning our homes until we really have no other choice. There can be many scenarios that finally help us to give in and at least make a plan.

an image from the Dutch Carnaval

Dutch Carnaval: A Visitor’s Guide

 Today marks the start of the Carnaval season. No, this isn’t about Brazil. The Southern Dutch provinces have a Carnaval all their own, though they share common roots.