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Parking & Parking Regulations in The Netherlands-featured

Parking and Parking Regulations in The Netherlands

It doesn’t take long after moving to The Netherlands to realize that it’s a country built for cycling. Thanks to its vast flat landscape and safe network of bicycle paths, it’s an ideal place to get about on two wheels. But, plenty of us travel between cities for work.

Must Visit Castles-featured

5 Castles You Must Visit in the Netherlands

Once the bustling centre of social life, castles have since transformed from the most-coveted places to get into to the refurbished backdrops of film shoots. On a visit, you might catch sight of busy film crews, partake in highly-informative exhibitions, or explore vast pieces of land devoted to preserving centuries-old horticultural practices.

Love weekend trips? Check out these five incredible destinations beyond the Eurozone

Fancy a weekend trip? Air travel is cheap, and there’s a wealth of destinations reachable from Schiphol airport, or even Eindhoven for the budget-conscious traveler. All you need is a couple of days and the will to discover them. Endless guides have been written on Europe’s major cities and heritage sites, but what about some…

A Weekend Getaway to Bergamo Italy

Feeling the need for some cultural enrichment? Craving the flavours of traditional Italian cuisine? Why not head to Bergamo Italy for the weekend? An enchanting and picturesque city distinctly divided into two. The older, historic medieval Città Alta or Upper Town perched elegantly on a hill, and the more modern, lively and bustling centre of…

La Tomatina-featured

La Tomatina – All You Need to Know

Every year, thousands of locals and tourists alike pile into the town of Bunol, Valencia, ready to throw tomatoes in the faces of complete strangers. Sounds crazy right! That’s exactly what it is. Each year up to 145,000kg of tomatoes get thrown by about 50,000 people from all over the world, and until you hear…

10 Places to Visit in Hungary Beyond Budapest

10 Places to Visit in Hungary Beyond Budapest Let us guide you to a small, but wonderful, region in the heart of Europe: Hungary. Situated in Eastern Europe, within the protective mountain ranges of the Carpathian Basin, Hungary is a rich blend of stunning architecture, thermal spas, and delicious cuisine. Most travelers who visit Hungary…

5 Reasons to Take a Rideshare

Even though the Dutch are practically attached to their bikes, there are times when the weather or long commutes make cycling inconvenient. Cue rideshares. Not only can a rideshare provide a convenient, comfortable and cheap commute, but it can also save you money and help the environment. We spoke to John Criezis and Yariv Hauer…

must visit places-featured

5 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

With so many beautiful spots it’s hard to see everything before we leave this world as we know it. BUT, to narrow your bucket list down, we have listed down these 5 amazing wonders of the world, so you can die peacefully. (ok, that’s a little dramatic, but you get the idea!)

5 Street Festivals in Spain you Have to Visit this Summer (or before you die!)

Spain is known for its sunshine, beaches, tapas and wines. These are the main reasons for why many people visit the country. Nothing wrong with that of course, but Spain is also very good at something else; ¡FIESTA! No other country does street festivals better than the Spaniards. That’s why we’ve summed up five of…