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Vintage Car Sales in the Netherlands are Booming!

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Since the dawn of 2024, the Netherlands has witnessed a prominent surge in the number of classic rides—those compelling vehicles that have narrated stories for 40 years or more. The freshest report from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) showcases an impressive 28% surge in recorded classic automobiles, totaling an astounding 217,000 over the last five years. This is an upswing of 47,000 compared to the 2019 data.

a row of vintage cars in the netherlands

The vintage car demographic in the Netherlands has seen transformations over the years. Almost half of these vehicles now fall within the 40-50 year bracket, a considerable drop from the 63% mark five years prior. Incredible, it may seem, but the fleet of cars in the 50-60-year range has doubled over the past five years, tallying up to 84,000. The average age of a classic car on Dutch roads is 53 years, with the oldest veteran tracing its lineage back to 1894. Intriguingly, the Netherlands boasts 661 cars that have served for over a century, making up 0.3% of the vintage auto populace.

a vintage red Volkswagen beetle

Volkswagen takes the crown among classic cars in the Netherlands, with its 32,000 vehicles forming nearly 15% of the cohort. Mercedes and Citroën have clinched the second and third spots, accounting for 21,000 and 14,000 classic rides, respectively.

When it comes to choosing colors for classic cars, distinct trends emerge. Blue claims the top spot, gracing 16.9% of these vehicles. Red and Green follow closely, encompassing 16.5 and 16.2% of the color spectrum respectively. This is in stark contrast to the color preferences for contemporary models, where grey, black, and white reign supreme.

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As far as use is concerned, vintage cars clock in significantly fewer miles than their newer counterparts. They traversed an average of just under 1.8 thousand kilometers in 2022, as opposed to non-classic cars covering up to 12.2 thousand kilometers. However, despite their limited use, these classic beauties collectively rolled approximately 274 million kilometers in 2022, contributing to 0.2% of the total distance journeyed by all vehicles registered in the Netherlands.

The municipalities of Alphen-Chaam and Opmeer stand proud with the highest concentration of classic automobiles, housing roughly 41 for every thousand inhabitants. Conversely, the ownership rates hit rock bottom in Diemen and Almere, where the figure dwindles to about four per thousand.

a top down image of rows of vintage cars in the netherlands

In the legal corridor, the regulations regarding vintage cars have undergone significant transformations. Prior to 2014, any car aged 25 years was granted road tax exemption. However, the exemption now applies solely to cars aged 40 years and above. A transitional rule still exists for petrol-driven cars manufactured before 1988, which continues until these cars make the 40-year mark. Currently, this provision benefits almost 45,000 cars, with the scheme set to wind up by 2028, when all cars under this arrangement will have transitioned into the tax-exempt class. Until such time, owners of cars crafted in 1988 or later will bear the burden of regular road taxes.