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a supportive checklist for leaving the netherlands

Things You Need to Do When Leaving the Netherlands

Moving on to the next chapter can be a time of mixed emotions. Sure, leaving any place where you’ve settled, made great friends, and integrated into the culture is always hard and sad, but the Netherlands… that’s a tough one.

Pack For Your Move

How To Pack For Your Move Without the Headache

Moving is a mess, whether you are studying abroad in the Netherlands or you are relocating for a job. The act of relocation is a central part of an expat’s life that needs to be taken seriously. There are deadlines to catch, boxes to fill, belongings to sort, planes and trains to catch and other…

Moving with Pets

13 Helpful Tips Moving With Pets Without Stress

Moving can be quite stressful for humans. So imagine how insecure moving our pets can be when forced to relocate! To stop that from happening, we’ve put together some helpful tips for moving with pets.

Noisy Neighbors in the Netherlands

How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for the signature architectural style in which many of its residential areas are constructed. These unique buildings and designs, however, tend to lead to some problems for the people who inhabit them, noisy neighbors being of particular concern.