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vegan restaurants in amsterdam-featured

A Vegan Guide to Amsterdam

If there is one food that the Netherlands and Amsterdam are famous for worldwide, it is their cheese. The Dutch have been making cheese since 800 B.C. and the Netherlands is one of the largest cheese exporters in the world. But this doesn’t sound very veganese, does it?

Is It Holland-ER-featured

Is it Holland, the Netherlands, or the Dutch?

If you’re wondering what exactly the differences are between “Holland”, “The Netherlands”, and “Dutch” then you’ve come to the right place. A common misconception is that Holland is another name for the entire Netherlands, however, it is actually just a part of the entire country. To be fair, it can get a bit confusing and…

Best Christmas Markets - Maastricht

The Best Christmas Markets Across Europe

Look, there’s no such thing as a tepid Christmas fair. At the very least, you can expect stalls and stalls’ worth of freshly-fried food – salty and sweet – a wealth of wooden toys, scented candles, leather goods, and other items showcasing the talent of local craftsmen.