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Banking in the Netherlands

No matter what country you’re moving from, the Netherlands is sure to have a very different banking system than you’re used to. This is especially challenging when not every bank is the same with their offerings, requirements, fees, and languages (or any other aspect of banking like credit cards) that you’re likely to encounter at…

Cost of Living in the Netherlands-transportation

A Guide to the Cost of Living in the Netherlands

What is the cost of living in the Netherlands? Before moving, it’s a good idea to determine whether you can afford to live here! You may have heard already about Dutch Healthcare and Utilities, but what about bread or beer? Of course, much of these costs depend on where you live in the Netherlands and…


bunq: the most advanced bank for expats

As an expat, you’re fully aware of how integrated and honestly, small the world is. Moving your whole life halfway around the world is now a piece of cake, but with their fixed locations, restrictive opening hours, and outdated rules and requirements, banks haven’t quite caught up yet. Thankfully, there’s a bank that’s perfectly tailored…

Financial Education: 8 Tips to Teach Your Kids How to Manage Money

Beacon Financial Education was created with the purpose of providing individuals with the information they need for financial control, stability, and simplicity. Educating yourself and making sure you know what’s going on in the “world of finance” is also a good way of showing your children how to acquire and maintain financial health. Here, BFE…

How to Financially Prepare for Your Children’s Future

Baby on the way? Congrats! This is an exciting and also somewhat overwhelming time. Being pregnant in a foreign country, with different customs when it comes to childbirth and raising children, information and assistance in another language. Yes indeed, becoming parents takes a lot of preparing, both emotionally, practically as well as financially. Beacon Financial…

Why do the tax people in the Netherlands get money out of my employment?

There is a whole list of premiums listed on my payslip. What do they all mean? In case of sickness, unemployment, or pregnancy, you will still receive income in the Netherlands. How does that work? Does your employer pay it? Do you pay it? And why can’t you elect to get this extra amount in…

Transfer money to dutch bank account-featured

Best Way to Transfer Money to a Dutch Bank Account?

Want to send or receive money to your Dutch bank account or to friends, co-workers, or family overseas? Just know that the response isn’t “there’s an app for that,” so much as “which app do I use?” That’s because there’s a whole array of money transfer companies that specialize in moving money digitally, on a…

opening a dutch bank account-expat-republic-featured

First steps: Opening a Dutch bank account

Once you’ve touched down in The Netherlands, opening a bank account will be one of the crucial first few steps towards settling in this wonderful country. You’ll need a Dutch bank account to get paid, pay your bills, and spend your hard-earned cash. Here’s a handy guide to get you set up and banking like…

This One Simple Habit Could Double Your Savings

Writing down every purchase for a month has proven to save people over 50% of what they spend! Maybe you’ve created a budget, but you still can’t manage to increase your bank balance. You check your bank account every day, but it doesn’t prevent you from buying that extra large Tony’s chocolate bar. So for…