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Learn how to manage your wealth while living abroad

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How to handle a challenging move

International relocation isn’t always a case of swapping your comfortable life at home for another equally easy life abroad. Whether by choice or otherwise, you may find yourself whisked halfway around the world to take up a position somewhere most people wouldn’t dream of going. But it’s not all stress and hassle. By keeping a…

Moving abroad: what your company might not tell you

The chance to take up a position abroad can be a dream come true. It can be a chance to experience a new culture, to move forward in your career, and to discover your own capabilities along the way. Of course, much of the experience depends on what steps your company has taken to make…

opening a Dutch bank account-easy-featured

Set up a Dutch bank account the easy way

  Once you’ve got off the plane in the Netherlands, opening a bank account will be one of your first priorities. Just like anywhere else, you’ll need a bank account to get paid, pay your bills, and buy products online and in stores. Banking in the Netherlands is pretty straightforward, but some banks are better…

What do you know about your Pension?

What do you know about your Pension? Planning ahead pays off. Whether you’re preparing a nest-egg for your retirement or setting aside some funds for your family, it pays to keep on top of your pension. However, most professionals don’t know how to maximize these benefits. On top of this, moving abroad brings with it…

Expat Republic - The Do’s and Dont’s of Expat Finances-featured

The Do’s and Dont’s of Expat Finances

by Beacon Financial Education Moving to a new country can be an exhilarating time in your life.  But it can also be daunting.  Moving somewhere foreign comes with a long list of tasks and necessities such as finding housing, adjusting to a new daily routine, and navigating an entirely new culture.  With that being said,…

dutch-financial checklist-featured

Coming to the Netherlands: A Financial Checklist

Coming to the Netherlands is as easy as buying a plane ticket and passing through security at Schiphol airport. But if you want to live and work here, you’ll have to take care of a few financial matters once you touch down in the lowlands. With a mass of Dutch companies competing for your banking,…

Relocating Abroad: Smoothing the Transition

In an increasingly globalized world, middle managers and established professionals may be asked to uproot themselves and their families and move to a new country. The Netherlands alone is home to between 39,000 and 70,000 high-salary expats. But for all the opportunities that relocation presents, it comes with its own set of financial headaches. Robert…

Beacon Financial Education

About Beacon Financial Education We are expats too! We understand your specific financial concerns, your apprehensions and your questions. How does living abroad impact your retirement? What are the consequences of FATCA regulation? Are you experiencing PFIC issues? Do you have trouble investing while you’re based in The Netherlands? Do you understand the Dutch tax…

Are you financially literate? A chat with Randy Landsman

American-born Randy Landsman was already an established financial advisor to high-level executives in New York when a chat with a lifetime friend led him to start advising NYPD officers on how to maximize their retirement benefits. Helping New York City’s finest secure themselves financially, Randy saw a huge opportunity. Now Beacon Financial Education, a part…