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Accidentally American? Get the best investment advice and plan your dream future

Investing and saving is a complex game at the best of times. For Americans living abroad, the federal government’s tax and reporting regulations make the situation even more complex. Thankfully, Beacon Financial Education is here to walk you through the financial minefield. So you’ve got some hard-earned cash squirreled away or made a few juicy…

Bank for Entrepreneurs-bunq-featured

bunq, the Bank for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Your business is a reflection of who you are. You are clever, and can’t have a boss, you are the boss. On a daily basis you are pushed and pulled in different directions whilst maintaining focus on what is important. You learn to rely on yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals….

GBP/EUR Update: What impact has Brexit had on the Pound?

This article was provided by TorFX, an award-winning currency transfer provider. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster month for the GBP/EUR exchange rate, with the pairing experiencing plenty of ups and downs throughout March as currency traders were kept busy trying to keep up with all the latest Brexit developments. So what went down in March?…

Netherlands’ 30% Ruling and Highly Skilled Workers

If you are one with a specific expertise not readily available among the workforce, it may benefit you to move to the Netherlands.  In this article we will go over what a highly skilled worker is and the 30% ruling in the Netherlands which allows some expatriate employees to bolster their savings and earn tax…

Traveling? Avoid paying Forex and ATM fees

If you’re like most Internationals, you love to travel! After all who doesn’t. In fact some studies have show that travel can actually lead to higher educational achievement, reduce stress and improve your productivity at work. Furthermore, travel has been shown to improve the risks of depression and reduce the risks of heart disease (not…

Everything you need to know about the 30 % ruling in The Netherlands

Most Expats are aware of the 30%-ruling – a beneficial ruling designed to lower the Dutch tax burden; however, few seem to understand the exact criteria, benefits and overall implications. Vincent Wijgerden from ExpatTaxes (GVN) explains the 30% ruling below. The 30% ruling applies to employees, coming from abroad, who possess expertise which is scarce…

European challenger bank bunq launches interest rate 9 times higher than market rate

Amsterdam, 26 February 2019 – bunq launches an interest rate 9 times higher than the going market rate. The rate will apply to all bunq accounts, removing the common difference between checking- and savings accounts. Tonight at bunq Update #10, the bank also introduces investment categories and launches Google Pay in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy…

Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking in Europe

The first smartphone prototype ever developed was called the “Angler”. It was developed by scientist and engineer Frank Canova, while he was working at IBM. Following the Angler came the first ever commercially  available smartphone : the IBM Simon. Although very basic, It could make calls, send/receive e-mails and and several other features. It had,…

Top Tips for Retiring Abroad

This article was provided by TorFX, an award-winning currency transfer provider. Whether you’re thinking about retiring abroad or have already taken the plunge, we’ve got some top tips to help you make the most of your time overseas… Save Money by Using a Currency Broker Retiring abroad may mean you need to move money from…

Understand your Currency Transfers – Exchange Rates Explained

If you’re sending money abroad or receive your salary in a foreign currency, you’re probably familiar with currency transfers. But do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes?  TorFx explains to us the ins and outs of currency exchange rates.