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3 Reasons You May Need a Coach

From life and health coaches, to leadership and career mentors, coaching can be the solution that bridges where you currently are with where you want to be. We spoke to Tarek Beram from (a website that harnesses the power of technology to connect you with world class coaches no matter where you are) to…

7 Silly Things That Slow Down Your Dutch Learning

Any Dutch learner will tell you that it often takes a long time to start seeing results. Have you ever wondered why that is? Chances are that you’ve been doing some things that are slowing you down. Here are 7 silly things that slow down your Dutch learning, and how to change them. You assume…

7 Unusual, Yet Useful, Ways to Learn Dutch

Although many Dutchies are well-versed in English, learning to speak their native tongue is worth the challenge. While there are plenty of traditional language courses on offer in the Netherlands, you’ll find that most teach the same content, in the same way. We spoke to Albert Both from Talencoach, who’s playful teaching techniques are unique…

Empower Yourself With A Growth Mindset

Preparing for life in The Netherlands and taking care of practical issues is crucial. But do not underestimate the psychological aspect of your journey. When you adopt a mindset that allows you to grow and develop it can lead to a successful experience abroad. I know from experience personal growth can be painful, but worth…