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The Best Dutch Courses in Rotterdam

Categories: Education,Latest News

Imagine you receive an important letter from the tax department and have no idea what it reads. Or you’re watching some critical news update on TV, but you don’t understand what the reporter is saying. Once you arrive in a country as an expat, learning the local language is an advantage, if not a necessity. It makes it easier for you to understand official documents and make you feel involved in day-to-day activities.

The Netherlands has always been accepting of people from varied cultures and diversities. However, there are many areas where knowledge of the Dutch language comes in handy. Knowing Dutch makes it easier to adapt to the culture and lifestyle within a short time. It also helps you create great rapport with your neighbors, colleagues, and local communities. Plus, it’s a great way to feel at home while away from your native place.

Speaking fluent Dutch has always been a crucial asset, even in big metro cities like Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam. To help expats get familiar with the language, many institutes in different cities offer Dutch courses with interactive sessions. These courses are offered at various levels, starting from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. You can choose to take the course online or at a training institute.

an apple on a stack of school books

The Best Dutch Courses in Rotterdam

Like all major cities, Rotterdam has plenty of Dutch language institutes that provide good, entertaining courses with the help of the best mentors. We have shortlisted some of the most reliable companies offering Dutch courses in Rotterdam.


Vasteland 38c

Berlitz is a popular language training institute based in many cities in the Netherlands. It offers an extensive learning experience through its online and in-person coaching, combining language training with cultural history. It has different courses designed separately for adults, children, and teenagers.


Voorhaven 1-bn

EnGaan offers affordable Dutch courses in small groups, focusing on giving personal attention to each of their students. Their emphasis is mainly on teaching Dutch for simple daily communication. You can opt for their face-to-face or online classes.

Dutch Courses Rotterdam

Benthuizerstraat 30C

With a team of some of the best mentors, Dutch Courses Rotterdam helps you improve your language skills and make new friends. In addition to their in-person classes in Rotterdam, they also conduct online courses and Dutch exam training.

Baay Dutch Language Courses

Wijnhaven 36

Along with all levels of Dutch, Baay Dutch Language Courses also teach Business Dutch, exclusively for business professionals. They focus on developing good conversation skills instead of theory and grammar. They also arrange for in-company courses in your office or any other location suitable for you.


Mathenesserlaan 253

For over 33 years, ITHA has been dedicated to offering an immersive Dutch learning experience in the heart of Rotterdam. They offer exclusive courses for business professionals, managers, and individuals with a Bachelors or Masters degree.

Tulp Educatie

Bergsingel 249

Founded in 2011, the Tulp Educatie institute is passionate about providing an immersive learning experience to its students. It offers Dutch courses designed according to your needs and corporate training where employees can attend lessons from their workspace.

ABC Dutch

Vijverhofstraat 47

With a team of enthusiastic teachers and mentors, ABC Dutch offers courses from levels A0 to C1. Along with regular day courses, they provide evening courses, making it convenient for working professionals to attend classes. They also offer lessons for exam training.

Lest Best

Teilingerstraat 124

Lest Best specializes in teaching Dutch to highly skilled migrants, making them speak more confidently in professional interactions. They also offer a B2+ language course for medical professionals.

a man and boy at a computer

Learn Dutch From the Comfort of Your Home

If you can’t attend physical classes to learn Dutch, you can gain unrestricted access to some good courses without leaving your house.

TaalThuis is a well-known and trusted Dutch language institute, offering physical and online classes since 2006. They take a limited number of students in a batch, making it a fun and interactive session for you while learning Dutch. They also have exclusive courses designed only for expats. They provide an e-learning platform for Beginner and Intermediate levels, where you can practice online exercises and improve your grammar skills.

They also offer an online Culture course for those interested in learning about Dutch culture. They also provide sessions at a discounted rate for AU pairs and international students.

Online apps like Duolingo and Babbel also offer interactive Dutch learning sessions. You can take these lessons at your own pace.

For those living in and around Rotterdam, we hope this article is informative enough for you to choose the best Dutch courses institute in town. Be it physical or online, learn Dutch most enjoyably and speak like a Dutchie in no time.