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7 Signals from the Universe Telling You to Speak Dutch

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Have you been walking in Holland for some time, and have you never considered speaking Dutch? This makes perfect sense. But… if you think about speaking Dutch more than once in a while, chances are high that the universe could be sending a message… It could be time to speak Dutch! For real.

Living in Holland and speaking Dutch is not always a logical combination. You may have discovered this for yourself. First of all, almost everyone speaks English. So why put in so much effort? Above all, you only speak Dutch in Holland and some parts of Belgium, so it would be useless in most places of the world. On top of it, if you only plan to stay here for 1 or 2 years, then you should also focus on some other things.

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The idea of speaking Dutch may come up for a good reason. But… this is also something that many people notice once they have started to live in Holland, and you may be one of them… Time flies really fast! 1 year, 2 years, they go by like crazy. Before you know it, you may discover that you have lived in Holland for over 5 years.

So what to do with Dutch, then? Probably you have already gotten used to everyone speaking English to you. Most Dutch people will tell you that Dutch is one of the hardest languages on this planet, and they love to suggest that you probably should not learn it. One thing is certain… Dutch people will not be begging on their knees, imploring you to speak their language, so you could have a great life in Holland, even when you speak English all the time!

But… if the thought comes up repeatedly that it would be nice to speak Dutch, then chances are high that the universe has been trying to send you some signals.

Would you believe in a universe that guides you? Many people believe that somehow in life, there could be something deeper, full of wisdom. It could be your intuition as well… If you are open to this idea, then things get really obvious. Yes… it could be a great idea to start speaking Dutch right now, and no matter what sends them, these are 7 clear signals…

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1. You Just Bought a House

Did you buy your own home in the Netherlands? Then one thing is certain… Somehow your goal is here to stay. If so, then speaking Dutch makes perfect sense. Home is home, and nothing would be better than to understand everything that goes on around you, and you can talk with anyone that crosses your path.

Dutch Natural Learning

2. You Met a Dutch Partner

Love can also do great things… even if you speak English with the new love of your life, you may have discovered that your partner comes in ‘a package’. With your partner, you’ll have a new family-in-law, friends, and other people… most of them will speak Dutch most of the time…

Although many people can speak English in many situations, certainly in a work context, you’ll quickly discover that there is also something like a personal atmosphere. If Dutch people like to speak about very personal things that matter, they’ll talk about in Dutch.

Also, if you like to make jokes, one thing is certain. Dutch humor can be different sometimes, and there are too many puns and word twists that you cannot translate.

That is why if you like to connect with people on a deeper and more personal level, then speaking Dutch is a great choice!

3. You Had Children

Once you get children, then life will never be the same… This is even more true when your children are born in Holland. Soon enough, they will dive into Dutch life and have Dutch vriendjes en vriendinnetjes (little friends).

Little children will also grow up, possibly sooner than you think. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always understand your children, whether they speak English or Dutch? One thing is certain… when you speak Dutch, you’ll be part of many more important things to your children…

4. You Got Laid Off

Going to work may seem like a normal daily routine, but… everything in life changes, and work is no exception. Companies hire new people all the time, and… they can often also fire you, sometimes at times when you least expect it.

When this happens, it could be a wake-up for some people… Suddenly, you exited your bubble, which often does not feel nice. But… the good thing is that now you may have time to reflect on some news in your life. You may like the idea of a new career, or maybe you do like a new challenge. One thing is certain… if you speak Dutch, you’ll have more opportunities!

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5. You Experience More and More Micro Stress

Another clear signal from the universe could be your emotions. If you have negative emotions, it is often a clear signal that now you are ready for a radical change… It could start with mild irritations now and then, and sometimes it can grow into something much more intense that you cannot bear any longer.

For example, you may hate that you cannot read certain letters in your mail. You may suddenly be on an empty train, or you notice at parties that everyone is having a great time speaking Dutch while you stand there alone…

Once again, it often starts with mild irritations. You could call it micro stress… Not life-threatening situations but things that get more and more annoying over time. Although it is not nice to feel these negative emotions, it could be the start of a great new adventure…


6. You Just Know You Can Do It!

Sure… Dutch people may love to suggest that Dutch is too difficult for you and that you should not try it… An important question, however, is: how do they know?

If you think this observation could be a little condescending, at least congratulations! The truth is this: Dutch people do not have any clue about languages in general. Sure, Dutch might be challenging sometimes, but… many languages are far more complicated than Dutch.

German, for example, is far more difficult than Dutch. And yet, day in and day out, people manage to speak German as a foreign language. Dutch people have no clue about how other languages work. If you complain that Dutch is difficult, they will believe you. But… if you look at Dutch with objective scientific eyes, you can only come to one conclusion: Dutch is the closest language to English and… it is like simplified German!

Here is one thing I can strongly confirm as a Dutch language coach working with more than 1000 people… If you speak English, then Dutch can be relatively easy. And… somehow, people from the UK that only speak English can turn into bright Dutch language stars!

7. You Want More Excitement in Your Life!

Living in a bubble can be nice and convenient. You work, earn money, pay your bills, and do some nice things. But… one day may come that you feel a deeper desire… Maybe you like to understand on a deeper level what is happening around you, or you realize that the connections you feel determine the great quality of your life.

Here is something else that people hardly ever realize. Learning a new language is always a challenge. Most people believe that you just need to memorize a bunch of sentences, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

When you like to speak Dutch, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone, embrace new ways of thinking, speak with people you don’t know, and start looking at the world with new eyes.

Because speaking Dutch is always a challenge, you could see it as a great coaching tool. The reason is simple… You’ll need new skills, change perspectives and do new things. The good news is that all these new things you’ll learn and discover will be useful when you speak Dutch and can also transfer into other areas of your life!

Speaking with others and feeling connected is one of the most important things in a happy and fulfilled life. Learning Dutch will always help! You’ll discover new talents, deal with some frustrations and overcome certain – often self-imposed – limitations. And then, whenever you can look at life from different perspectives, you’ll enjoy life more!

What would you think of these 7 signals of the universe? Even if you do not really believe in a guiding universe, one thing is certain… You create your own world and your own experience of life. If you have experienced one or more of these signals more than once, think again… It could be time for expansion and adventure!

When you are ready to go one step further, check out the Dutch Brainwash. This masterclass is a tried-and-true program that has the power to revolutionize your Dutch. Aside from tripling your vocabulary in minutes, the Dutch Brainwash has some unique claims to fame. This course is designed to be tailored to the individual desires of its students. Meaning, you won’t be learning tired phrases from your textbook written in 2003 about where to buy a CD-ROM. The seven-day intensive course allows you to create your own sentences about anything you please.

by Albert Both, talencoach