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The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow in the Netherlands

Categories: Culture

Social media is an integral part of every expat’s life. It’s how we stay connected to our friends and families back home. It’s also how we navigate our new lives abroad. Platforms like Instagram allow us to curate our own influences. By following accounts we enjoy, our explore pages become living mood boards for our interests and inspirations. Luckily, the Netherlands is small enough to actually experience all the things you see on Dutch social media. Below is our list of the most unique and fun Instagram accounts to follow in the Netherlands.

1. @alexdehaan.photography

Alex Dehaan is an award-winning Dutch photographer. Though he has only been taking photographs since 2017, he was a finalist in the National Geographic photo competition. Dehaan takes photos of the lesser-explored parts of the Netherlands. His work highlights sweeping natural landscapes as well close-ups of tulip petals or cow snouts. This account is especially gratifying to follow in the winter months. He has the remarkable ability to showcase icy scenes that give you an appreciation for the cold. You can also scroll to remind yourself of the beauty you have to look forward to in the Dutch spring, summer, and autumn.

2. @mistermortgage


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A post shared by Mister Mortgage (@mistermortgage.nl)

Mister Mortgage likely takes a friendly and accessible approach on their Instagram, aimed at demystifying the mortgage process for potential clients. In using a mix of engaging visuals, straightforward advice, and real-life stories to educate and connect with their audience, they not only help in building trust but also relatability, encouraging followers to consider their services for navigating the often complex mortgage landscape of the Netherlands, demystifying the process along the way.

3. @abroad.experience.recruitment

This recruitment consultancy is dedicated specifically to helping expats find meaningful and exciting employment opportunities through direct and open applications. Abroad Experience Recruitment is a must-follow for anyone who has moved to the Netherlands. These independent recruiters can confidently find a place for all sorts of professionals in this country, featuring several opportunities that do not even require language proficiency. Their Instagram page not only advertises new positions, but also offers great advice on writing cover letters, staying motivated in one’s job search, attending interviews, and having the right mindset when it comes to building a thriving career in the Netherlands. But it’s not just Instagram. New job opportunities are posted across their social media including Facebook and LinkedIn with even more information shared via YouTube.

4. @balkonbar.nl

If you live in a big city in the Netherlands as lots of expats do, there is a high chance you don’t have a garden. This makes your balcony extra important. Balkon Bar is a Dutch brand that specializes in leveling up your balconies. They feature some of the coziest balconies in the country on their account. This grid is loaded with inspiration for how to liven up your small space with plants and accessories.

5. @boomchicago


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A post shared by Boom Chicago (@boomchicago)

When you live in a country where you don’t fully understand the language, live events can be particularly tricky to navigate. Boom Chicago is an ultra-famous Amsterdam venue that boasts alumni like SNL comedians Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis. Boom Chicago regularly advertises their English standup comedy and improv events on their Instagram feed. If you are looking to really put yourself out there and make a friend or two, you can also check out their improv classes!

6. @humansofamsterdam

Humans of New York was an Instagram account started ten years ago. It has since spurred a movement all over the world. Most major cities have an account with a similar mission- to collect people’s photos and stories on the street. Humans of Amsterdam is a fantastic feed for anyone who wants to indulge in reading a longer-form post. There are goofy stories like the singing ice cream man. As well as thoughtful tales of love and loss that will give you an appreciation for humankind with every read.

7. @pickuplimes

Sadia Badiei, aka Pickup Limes, is an expat just like you. Her picturesque Instagram account is a cozy exhibition of just how delightful food can be. Her rainbow-colored recipes bring joy to your feed. This Canadian dietician’s vegan creations are a gift to your body as well. Even her mouthwatering caramel vanilla cake has a healthy twist. And because Badiei lives in the Netherlands, you can spot the occasional canal house pic on her grid.

8. @debuurtkringloop


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A post shared by De Buurtkringloop (@debuurtkringloop)

De Buurt Kringloop, or “the neighborhood thrift shop”, has quite a lot of posts despite only being open since Winter of 2021. Their account advertises their best items for sale. Though, you can find much more than a bargain at this secondhand store in Amsterdam East. De Buurt Kringloop serves as a community center by playing host to all sorts of workshops, like how to make your own lampshades. Neighborhood moms are also invited to sell their homemade treats here, so there’s no need to rush out for lunch.

9. @jenkinshealthcoaching

Jenkins Health Coaching is an account to follow for anyone who can benefit from more positivity in their life. Anna Jenkin’s moved from Finland to the Netherlands so her brand of health and stress coaching is particularly empathetic to the expat experience. One of her many specialties is teaching people how to achieve a work-life balance. This is of particular importance to those of us whose immigration status depends on our careers. Follow Anna Jenkins for inspiring quotes, useful tips, and the reminder to take a big, deep breath.

10. @expatrepublic


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A post shared by Expat Republic (@expatrepublic)

Sometimes, you have to save the best for last! We are lucky at Expat Republic to have years of experience in this vibrant country. We use our social media to update you with tips on the housing market, information on the latest events, and everything else worth knowing as an expat in Holland. Our feed features the best professional photography of major cities. We also share information on little-known gems you would otherwise never hear about. Would you like to share your photography of this country with a larger audience? Tag @expatrepublic in your posts and we may feature your next snap on our feed!

Giving these best Instagram accounts in the Netherlands a follow is sure to brighten up your feed and your IRL day. As an expat, the time comes when we have to start from scratch to form our own communities. Attending the events advertised on these pages and engaging in the comments are an easy first step. Whether you are looking to shift careers or just for the best museum to visit this Sunday, we could all use some more positive connections in our lives.