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Why Did I Do That Again?

Replace old debilitating habits by new ones, using transactional analysis techniques.

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Why Did I Do That Again?

  • 19:00
  • Private practice (info received upon registration)

Replace old debilitating habits by new ones, using transactional analysis techniques.

You may have heard of the drama triangle, how we communicate through our Parent, Adult and Child parts, and I’m OK, you’re OK. It’s all part of Transactional Analysis (TA). Eric Berne is the founding father of TA in the late 1950s, today his work is widespread across the globe. In this course we will look at these principles and more, and most of all, we will look at how they work in our own lives. In between evenings, you will get homework, and examine how things work, or work poorly, in your own life, and work on goals to improve your life. We work in small groups of 4 up til 6 people at my home practice. In order for participants to feel save in this course, it’s imperative that you keep confidential information shared by others to yourself.

When & Where

When: June 6, 2024

Time: 19:00 – 21:30

Where: Annette Schlatmann, private practice (info received upon registration)

Cost: € 245



About Annette Schlatmann

I’ve been there. I’m a Dutch citizen who has lived in France, Belgium, and the US. I’ve experienced loneliness and not belonging as a teenager, but I found my way out of fear and depression. Now, I have a fulfilling life with a partner, a dog, and enjoy various activities. I transitioned from painting and journalism to life coaching, earning my Atma diploma in 2018, and furthering my expertise in youth coaching, Transactional Analysis, and Act and Acceptance Therapy. I’m passionate about helping people grow happier and more self-confident, and I’m fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. I now offer life coach and counselling services to all expats, and the LGBT+ community in particularly through cominghomecoach.nl.