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[Video] Avoiding Chasing Momentum – Investor Bias in Volatile Markets

Categories: Finance,Latest News

In this short video, Black Swan Capital Europe CEO David Bellingham offers his expertise and insight into the pitfalls of chasing momentum investor bias.

The investor bias of momentum is a very common outlook. It is when investors wait for proven performance before buying, or selling as a result of the opposite. As you will learn, this is the exact opposite of how investors should be viewing their strategy.

If you are an expat or international professional in Europe you should not be focused on short term movement. This is especially true in the current state of market volatility – a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Instead, investors should remain focused on their long term objectives and goals over chasing said momentum. Timing a market (and getting it right) is an extremely difficult undertaking, so it is recommended that investors focus on the long term consistency.

The video, Black Swan Capital Europe expands on this, while also speaking on:

  • What is chasing momentum investor bias?
  • What should investors do in volatile markets?
  • How to objectively asses your investment goals.

If you would like to learn more about all things investing, Black Swan Capital Europe is offering the free webinar: How to Protect and Manage Your Investments During Coronavirus every Wednesday @ 5pm CET. You can see the complete schedule of dates – HERE

To learn more about best investment practices that work for you as an expat in the Netherlands, contact Black Swan Capital today!