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Nijmegen Venue Holds First Sit-Down Dance Party

Categories: Fun,Latest News

The Coronavirus may be subsiding in Europe, but its social effects still linger. In the Netherlands, home to some of the world’s best clubs and festivals, this is felt no stronger than on the dancefloor. With clubs still shuttered and festivals not set to resume until at least 1 September, how can we still get our groove on? Well, one Nijmegen nightclub may have found an answer, for now, in a sit-down dance party.

At Doornroosje (aka Sleeping Beauty), those craving the nightlife were able to enter its doors and get down to the nights DJ. At the club, each guest had to sit won in chairs spaced in compliance with Dutch social distancing guidelines. For the month of June, 30 guests are allowed in at one time, which also falls in line with the country’s current attendance limits for in-person gatherings. Furthermore, the club had to shun its normal after-dark hours, rather offering midday dancing in the afternoon.

Held on Saturday, 6 June, the event featured 8 20-minute DJs sets at a price of €10 per set. All the money raised went to performing artists. On the event, promoter Jonatan Brand was quoted as saying, “People are still dancing, although they are on the chair, they’re fist-pumping, they’re moving their bodies, so — it’s great.”

Doornroosje hopes to open too 100 guests at a time in July. Check out the video below from the Daily Mail for a glimpse of the socially-distanced, sit-down dance party. What do you think? would you go?

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