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[Video] Coronavirus Myths Debunked

Categories: Healthcare,Latest News

Interesting times we are living in, but we don’t need to tell you that! The Coronavirus (COVID-19) seems to be everywhere, bringing typical levels of alarm across the world. Much of this is valid, rooted in medical fact. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths circulating as well. With that, we thought we’d debunk some of those Coronavirus myths with this short video.

We know all about the WHO hygiene recommendations and, of course, generally how to avoid contagion, but, as humans, we are still susceptible to misinformation and hysteria. As we continue to social distance or quarantine (don’t be a #Covidiot beachgoer), what better time to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of Coronavirus truth than now?

To break these Coronavirus myths down, we found this handy 11-minute video below.:

It’s a good thing we are lucky enough to live in a country like the Netherlands. Here, we enjoy access to some of the world’s best healthcare, insurance, and medical services. Such an advanced, and compassionate infrastructure exists exactly for situations like this. It also makes up a huge part of the country’s ex-pat appeal. In case you’re wondering about your health insurance options in the Netherlands, checkout this previous article