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International Health Insurance in the Netherlands

Categories: Healthcare

The Netherlands has universal healthcare and basic health insurance is a legal requirement for everyone registered and living in the Netherlands. This article looks at when non-Dutch passport holders should take out international health insurance instead of Dutch health insurance. We recommend this for:

  • International students studying but not working in the Netherlands
  • Those expats working in the Netherlands but for a foreign employer or government
  • Expats living in the Netherlands but not working or paying Dutch income tax, but traveling abroad frequently
  • Expats living in the Netherlands waiting for a permanent residence permit

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you are from the European Union or European Economic Area you can use your European Health Insurance Card for medical cover within the EU/ EEA. It is important to note that this card only covers urgent medical treatments like accidents. It is also only valid for three to twelve months. This is why you should take out additional international or Dutch health. The basisverzekering or mandatory basic insurance package, provided by Dutch health insurance companies is sufficient to cover most regular needs. Despite this, many expats choose to take an international health insurance policy to be sure of additional coverage. These may be dental benefits or repatriation or counseling costs, for example.

International Health Insurance in the Netherlands

An Overview of International Health Insurance Providers in the Netherlands

  • AllianzCare – provides a large range of tailored flexible health care plans for all types of families, students, and professionals. AllianzCare covers members for Covid-19 treatment. There are also up to 200 euros of health and wellness benefits for claim back as classes and apps.
  • April International – offers comprehensive cover where health insurance plans include coverage for COVID-19-related health expenses, dental, and maternity care. There are also additional student and travel insurance plans.
  • Bupa – provides health insurance and medical expertise through a network of 1.5 million health care providers worldwide, including in the US. Mental health is as important as physical health. Bupa offers psychological care, ADHD, addiction, and self-inflicted injuries included in the cover.
  • Foyer Global Health – offers flexible comprehensive insurance plans for whatever the situation, for expats, digital nomads, long and short-term travel.
  • HollandZorg – provides Dutch health insurance but is specialized for migrant workers with non-Dutch passports. One of the few companies with no mandatory excess. This way,  you get thorough medical care without paying the eigen risico or own risk fee of 385 euros per year. Reimbursements can also be paid in the country of residence if this is not the Netherlands.
  • LoonZorg – provides Dutch health insurance but is specialized for international students and non-employed expats. It is one of the few companies that do not charge the compulsory excess or own risk fee. This is only applicable non-Dutch passport holders but offers a way to have comprehensive insurance without paying the unpopular eigen risico fee. LoonZorg also covers emergency dental care in the Netherlands of up to 200 euros, along with repatriation within Europe.

International Health Insurance Providers Offering More Detailed Packages

Cigna health insurance is suitable for individuals, families, and employers, available in more than 200 countries, 24/7 coverage, customer service in more than 50 languages. Cigna also offers three different insurance plans to employers that can the company’s needs and budgets. The first is Essential Care, a simple, flexible plan for all inpatient treatment, maternity care, pandemic cover, cancer treatment, evacuation, and repatriation. Secondly, the Executive Care plan provides enhanced core cover that includes all the above plus outpatient, maternity, and wellness services as standard. It is available around the clock and the world. And thirdly, Elite Care is Cigna’s most comprehensive package covering all the above anywhere in the world. This plan covers all aspects of employee health and mental well-being.

SafetyWing provides flexible global health insurance for remote workers and digital nomads whether they are at home or abroad. They offer two plans for individual travelers that provide real solutions for today’s ways of remote working. Nomad Insurance provides global coverage outside the home country, short-term coverage within the home country, and Covid 19 coverage is available as a short-term plan. This plan also includes travel benefits such as trip interruption and lost luggage. Remote Insurance provides global coverage both outside and within the home country and Covid 19 coverage. In addition, this plan includes cancer treatment and health insurance for pre-existing medical conditions if they have been approved beforehand.

To Sum Up

While some expats may miss their home health care system, the Netherlands system remains one of the best. It is ranked third-best in Europe, only behind Switzerland and Germany. The fact remains that anyone with health insurance who becomes seriously ill in this country will be taken care of. Take some time to research the international health insurance providers in the Netherlands above and find which option best suits your situation.