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I’m Fine (or Aren’t I?)

Categories: Coaching Businesses,Latest News

A comfortable lifestyle, loving family, and a job that pays well – seem like a perfect life. Expats who leave their home country for a job abroad have various reasons to take such a step. However, it also involves quite a few sacrifices, which often go unnoticed, primarily by people around them, but sometimes even by themselves.

When asked if you’re doing well in life, how confidently can you answer affirmatively without a tinge of hesitation? Are you really at peace with what you’re doing in your life, your job? Or do you feel something is missing that isn’t giving you 100% satisfaction? Something that isn’t giving you a good night’s sleep?

Disturbing Thoughts Bother You If You’re Unhappy

Being stuck in a regular 9-5 job feels like you’re simply dragging your days to pay your monthly bills and provide for your family. You either don’t find any happiness in your work or feel like you need to do something for yourself beyond your job. Or, you unnecessarily lose sleep stressing over something that doesn’t even give you a sense of achievement.

You constantly feel that there needs to be a change in your professional life, something beyond your regular job. But you’re unable to understand how to go ahead with it. You seek something that will make a difference in your mundane life, something to gain inner peace.

Listen To Your Thoughts and Feelings

If disturbing thoughts about your career and future are troubling you again and again and giving you many little moments of uncertainty and tension, it’s time you take those thoughts seriously. Listen to what they’re trying to tell you. Become conscious and aware of the mentally exhausting thoughts. Identify what keeps you from being happy and choose what you really want. What if you would dream without limitations and feel what it would bring you if you made those dreams come true. And then take action and get closer and closer to your dreams step by step. Your dream then functions as a lighthouse. The spot that you always keep in view and on which you determine your direction. It makes it possible to transform your life, to change it permanently.

That is not always easy, comfortable, or pleasant, but it really takes you further.

We Can Support You

If you’re determined to turn your dream into reality and are looking for the perfect guidance, Suzan Verzijden and Carel-Jan van Driel are the ones who can support you on this journey. They offer one-to-one sessions and support on helping people identify their passion and pursuing it. Having gone through the same phase of uncertainty in their lives, they know the level of frustration you can feel when you’re not happy with what you do. Hence, they believe in supporting as many people as possible to achieve their dreams and making a difference in the community.

The very first step is to schedule a free conversation with Carel-Jan van Driel or with Suzan Verzijden.

You can also join the MMS Basic Coach Training, where you go through a detailed approach to shaping your passion into reality. Through this course, you connect with others and share your ideas. You learn to facilitate coaching conversations yourself and take steps to change your life in the direction where you want to go.

A majority of the people are, at some point in their life, unsure of whether they are moving ahead in the right direction in their career. In this journey of finding what you love and aiming to achieve it, you are not alone. But with the right amount of effort, willingness, advice, and support, nothing can ever stand in between you and your ultimate goal. So, make up your mind and take that step to schedule a free conversation. Rest assured, happiness and peace won’t be far behind.