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[VIDEO] Financial Advice for American Expats in Europe

Categories: Finance,Latest News

Black Swan Capital Europe‘s David Bellingham discusses some sound financial advice for American expats in Europe alongside guest Steve Lazar. Geared toward Americans living abroad, a wide range of topics are discussed around the implementation of the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, including:

The Impact of FACTA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

  • All money abroad must be accounted for
  • State the maximum amount in each account even if money is just passing through
  • If you are “Accidentally American” (US connected people) be aware of your FACTA responsibilities
  • Reporting your obligations does NOT mean you will ultimately be taxed on all accounts

Main Points to Consider as an American Living Abroad?

  • Report all your income around the world
  • When making investments make sure to to the kind that are most compliant with US tax obligations
  • Find an advisor who can accomodate US tax reporting requirements properly
  • Make it easy on yourself!

The difference between PFIC (Passive Foreign Investment Company) and QEF (Qualified Electing Fund)

  • Every investment is a PFIC unless considered otherwise. If it is, then you may pay more tax in the US

Recommendations for Managing Assets Onshore vs Offshore

  • Look out for pitfalls like US institutions who do not want to aid you when overseas
  • Coordinate your financial team between onshore and offshore compliance and understanding

Other Important Bits of Financial Advice for American Expats in Europe

  • Watch exchange rates
  • Gains in overseas pension are taxed on an annual basis
  • Be aware!

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Expat Republic is a media company and does not provide financial advice, please do consult a licensed financial advisor for expat investment advice. The opinions/advice provided in the above is solely those of Black Swan Capital Europe a licensed financial advisor.