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Epic Housing Projects in the Netherlands

Categories: Housing,Latest News

 You may have heard, but the Netherlands is in the midst of a housing crisis. With one of the highest population densities in Europe, there is simply not enough room for everyone. However, this is a country experienced in the art of creating space. Just look at Flevoland, the island they claimed back from the sea. The Dutch government is on a mission – 900,000 new homes before 2030. So if you’re on the hunt for your next place, new developments are springing up everywhere for you to choose from. We’ve rounded up the top 6 most exciting housing projects in the Netherlands right now: from ultra-modern apartments to nostalgic renovations to sustainable green spaces, there is something for everyone.

Knightsbridge Hyde Park

Hyde Park, Hoofddorp

If luxury, urban living is your jam, Hyde Park is the place for you. It’s a huge new development of 3,800 apartments and studios in Hoofddorp, just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. With the famous Dutch architect Winy Maas (of Markthal, Rotterdam fame) behind the project, you can be confident this will be a stylish and cutting-edge district combining the very best of chic architecture, ample green space, and liveability.

The new development promises to be a lively metropolis where people can live, work and socialise. Already sound great? It gets even better. The area will be a car-free zone, dotted with lush garden courtyards and is within walking distance of Hoofddorp city centre, city park and the train station. You can be in Amsterdam in just 12 minutes on the train, making it the perfect commuter location.

Apartments vary in size from 50 m2 to 160 m2 and are for sale from 355,000 EUR. They’re selling up quickly, and the first residents have already moved in, so you’ll need to move promptly to bag your spot.

Housing Projects in the Netherlands Cobercokwartier, Arnhem

Cobercokwartier, Arnhem

From new to old, the architects of the Cobercokwartier in Arnhem are taking inspiration from history for their new city living space. Unless you grew up in Arnhem before the year 2000, you probably wouldn’t have heard of the old Coberco dairy factory, but it’s a flagstone building for many of the city’s older generation. Currently, it sits in an inaccessible area, so the plans to build 300 homes, including houses, apartments and studios on the site will re-open a fondly remembered part of the city to residents.

Rather than bulldozing the abandoned factory, the new designs pay homage to this once lively and characteristic building, breathing new life into the old halls and unmistakable chimney tower. The factory will become a cultural centre with room for collaborative projects, exhibitions and creative events, returning to its former glory as a community hub for those living around it.

The area will include a mix of apartments and townhouses across a range of different categories, including plans to add another 40 affordable homes for students or first-time buyers. Industrial architecture and design fans will be delighted as this theme will run throughout the buildings. The first homes in the exciting housing project in the Netherlands will go on sale in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Housing Projects in the Netherlands Kabel District, Delft

Kabeldistrict, Delft

Another project taking inspiration from the past is the Kabeldistrict in Delft. It’s being developed on an old industrial site well-known for its links to the manufacturing industry. The former Dutch Cable Factory will sit at the centre of the district, and its architecture will be reflected in the surrounding buildings, providing a nod to the area’s history.

However, this development also has a keen eye on the future and a vision to turn Delft into the High Tech Capital of the Netherlands. 34,000 m2 of new business place is planned specifically for companies specialising in innovative manufacturing. With easy links to Delft’s TU Campus, it is the perfect spot for start-ups, scale-ups, and tech enthusiasts to base their new ventures.

High-rise apartment blocks will accommodate 3,500 new homes in various shapes and sizes. There will be something suitable for everyone, creating a diverse community of residents. With low-traffic streets and plenty of green space both in the ground floor community gardens and sunny rooftop terraces, it promises to be a safe, lively and welcoming area.

LEAD, Leiden

The LEAD housing development in Leiden is a project that is taking equal opportunity seriously and has embedded the value into it’s core promises. To deliver on this, they plan to create 580 new homes, 25% of which will be designated as affordable social housing with a significant proportion also available as mid-range rentals.

The build is taking place on the Willem de Zwijgerlaan, just a 5-minute cycle north of the historic city centre. It consists of three slender towers ranging from 65 to 115 metres in height that will perfectly complement the existing high-rise buildings in the area, creating a consistent, urban silhouette. Residents will be able to access communal green spaces in the city park below but also in the roof gardens of the building’s lower levels. There is space for a range of facilities on the ground floor, including a large bicycle shed and with the train station close by, it has excellent commuting links.

Stylish, sustainable and accessible for all, the team behind LEAD are committed to providing Leiden with the quality housing projects that the city, and the Netherlands, deserve.

Housing Projects in the Netherlands Bosbad, Eindhoven

Het Bosbad, Eindhoven

If you want a less urban jungle and a more peaceful nature, look no further than Het Bosbad in Eindhoven. As its name suggests, this project draws inspiration from the surrounding forest park to create a serene apartment building at one with the surroundings. In fact, the architect even cites his inspiration as the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, which means to immerse yourself in the forest.

Natural materials and subdued aesthetics help this building blend seamlessly with the environment. To go one step further, an open passageway runs straight through the centre that connects to the park walkways and invites nature into the heart of the space.

Luxury really is the keyword for this development. With just 20 apartments available, it’s on a very small scale; however, each home offers 95 – 120 m2 of light and airy living space with a wide outdoor area. Owners also gain their own parking spot in the sunken garage.

HOLT, Groningen

HOLT, Groningen

The final project of our list might possibly combine the best elements of all the above with a development described as half park and half city. The HOLT development in Groningen is being created after close research into the success factors of the world’s best cities: health, greenery, meeting, and connecting. And true to its promise, the plans are already scoring highly in all areas of healthy living, including sustainability, green space, and quality of life.

The district is being built where the city meets the countryside, with the park zone and natural polder to the west and Groningen’s Corpus Quarter to the east. A big focus of the housing project is bringing the forest into the city with plans for wooded areas dotted between the buildings. Not only will this abundance of trees stabilise the climate and purify the air, it is also better for the physical and mental health of the residents, providing a pleasant communal area for gathering and recreation.

Around 320 homes will be offered on the site, combined with a commercial programme of offices, medical facilities and eateries. A mix of rental and ownership opportunities are available.

These are our top picks from the housing development bunch, and we hope that from the wide range of projects available, you might find something that sparks your interest. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg, and many more exciting housing projects are happening across the Netherlands. So if you’re stuck in the middle of a long and tedious house search, do not fear. The foundations for your perfect home may be being built this very second, and it’s only a matter of time before you find it.