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Dutch Alcohol Offenders to Receive Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

Categories: Latest News

Those in the Netherlands convicted of alcohol-related offenses will soon be fashioned with a monitoring ankle bracelet. With 26% – 43% of violent incidents attributed to excessive alcohol use, its cost of sets the Dutch back  6 billion euros annually!

The point of the device is to monitor drinking habits among those the government considers to be of a high-risk category for alcoholism. It will also provide authorities with data relevant to a person’s changing drinking habits.

Pilot Program

To go into effect, the Dutch government must still pass the necessary legislation.  To date, pilot studies involving offenders have already taken place. One anonymous woman stated, “I have two young boys and had to show that I don’t drink anymore,” going on to expounds its positive value with, “The alcohol anklet was an excellent opportunity for me to show that I do not drink 24/7.”

On the bracelet’s effectiveness, probation officer Tony Rubino told Reuters, “Clients are continuously aware of the fact that they have something that is measuring their alcohol consumption. That helps them to keep away from alcohol abuse.”

The ankle bracelet works by analyzing the sweat of the person wearing it. The data accumulated is sent to a central server and analyzed twice per day. Such analysis provides a clearer picture of a person’s drinking habits than current blood and urine-based tests. It was originally conceived in 2017 through a partnership between Rotterdam police and SCRAM Systems.

Success Rate

So far, the justice ministry has stated  71% of pilot study participants have not drunk alcohol while wearing the device. Furthermore, about half did not drink for three months after it was removed.

This is just another reminder to drink responsibly. Especially that the Netherlands is a society with so much to offer in terms of quality bars, clubs, breweries, and more. Why ruin the fun with excessive drinking and find yourself having to wear one of these!

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