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The Best Dutch Weekend Destination: The Wadden Islands

Famous are the Dutch islands in the Caribbean, but not everybody is aware of the overwhelming beauty of the islands which exist in the north of the Netherlands. The Wadden Islands (also called the Frisian Islands) are an amazing destination within the country and a great spot for a romantic getaway.

5 Beery Nice Places in Amsterdam

If you ask most people what they first think of when they think of Amsterdam, most will reply, “The Red Light District,” or “Coffee shops!” Your more refined friends might say, “Art!” Well the good news is that there is way more to enjoy in this ancient and international city. One of the more hidden…

Kattencafe Kopjes: Let’s have Cappuccino and Pet some cats

There’s good news for cat lovers: in the Marco Polostraat a rather peculiar café recently opened. A sort of cat paradise if you will. And in a certain way it is, because the eight cats owning it (if you have a cat, you know what I mean) were adopted from two shelters: the Stichting Dierenleed…

Every Escape Room in Amsterdam Compared

Escape room mania has gripped Amsterdam. In 2013 there were none, but we count 14 in town now. (There’s even a conference dedicated to the craft happening April 18.) There’s a reason it’s popular, of course: it’s fun. With the RL gaming boom, though, it’s getting increasingly difficult to narrow the field and find the…

Amsterdam’s Best Saunas to Get You Through the Rest of Winter

Spring weather is so close yet so far away… However, there are plenty of ways to keep warm during winter’s last gasps – let’s talk about saunas, baby. The city’s got a bunch of them (especially in the hotels), but we’re most interested in the saunas locals go back to again and again. (There’s generally…

Holland for President!

Oddly there’s not much buzz on the street about it; only the politically savvy are paying attention to this particular piece of Amsterdam news. But if you’ve had your eyes peeled (especially in the Scheepvaartsmuseum/Marineterrein area), you might have noticed

Netherlands Ranks #9 for Teacher’s Salaries

A recent study conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development showed that the Netherlands ranks 9th in terms of teacher’s salaries. With Luxembourg being at the top and Hungary being at the very bottom where some teachers earn as little as just over $10,600 USD per year. Teachers in the Netherlands were found…

Top 3 Romantic Getaways this Valentine’s

Tired of going to Paris? Don’t want to stay home? We share with you the ideal destinations for this valentines day weekend. Get off the beaten path and venture into uncharted romantic cities that won’t break the budget. #3: Vienna Vienna, once the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, is a sight for sore eyes. Besides…

Amsterdam Shots

Checkout these incredible shots. Enjoy responsibly. #sexycity #sincity #Amsterdam (source: #amsterdamshots)