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no soliciting sign on a wall

Non-Solicitation Clauses in the Netherlands

In November last year, I posted a blog about non-competition clauses in employment contracts. More often than not, these clauses are accompanied by so-called non-solicitation clauses (Dutch: relatiebedingen).

Young Full Stack Developer Working at Home

Full Stack Developer Jobs in the Netherlands

Are you seeking an exciting and challenging job as a full-stack developer? Have you considered moving to the Netherlands? The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge blue chip companies, offering many opportunities for those wanting to grow in their technology career. The Netherlands’ job market for software engineers is…

Work Life Balance Tips for Busy Professionals

Special thanks to our friends at Helpling – The ultimate platform for finding a cleaner that suits your needs perfectly! With millions of people working from home nowadays, it’s no secret that maintaining a healthy work-life balance has come into the spotlight more than ever.

What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

Thank you to Berthel at STOX for sharing your story with us. Being an entrepreneur can be a rewarding yet challenging path to choose. But some people become entrepreneurs out of necessity, which makes it an even more difficult journey.