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The Best E-bike Brands to Buy in the Netherlands

Categories: Culture

 You can take away a Dutchie’s bike, but you can never take away their love for biking. We all know the popular cycling culture in the Netherlands. The Dutch love cycling at all times, in all kinds of weather. People here always enjoy the company of their bikes when travelling to work, going for a hike, or simply running errands.

Lately, more people have started leaning towards electric bikes or e-bikes from traditional bicycles. With many advanced features, easier rides, and more flexibility, e-bikes are becoming more popular among bike enthusiasts. With the changing times, e-bikes are the future of bike riding. They offer more power, improved pedaling assistance, and better sensors and displays than regular bikes.

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Plenty of charging stations are set up across the country where you can charge your e-bike and continue your journey without any hassles. Many e-bikes are also foldable, making them convenient to carry in your vehicle or public transport.

To understand more about the features of e-bikes, we have listed some of the top e-bike brands to buy in the Netherlands.

Gazelle Chamonix T10 HMS ebike

Chamonix T10 HMS


Started in 1892, Gazelle is one of the largest bicycle brands in the country. From shopping for groceries to hiking through beautiful landscapes, Gazelle e-bikes guarantee an easy and comfortable ride. Moreover, their primary focus on sustainability makes them a reliable and eco-friendly e-bike brand.

If you need help finding an ideal e-bike, visit their Experience Centre and request a test ride.

Gazelle also belongs to the “Inspiring 40 of Synergie Business for Good 2022”, the list of the 40 most inspiring organizations in the Netherlands.

Popular e-bikes: Avignon C8 HMB Connect, Chamonix T10 HMS

Price range: €1900 – €7300

Koga Vectro S30 ebike

Vectro S30


KOGA was founded in 1974 and is dedicated to building top-quality e-bikes according to consumer needs. Their different categories of e-bikes are designed for a particular purpose, from long-distance city travels to rugged mountain terrains.

KOGA e-bikes are lightweight and easy to carry, perfect for professional cyclists. Their track bike KOGA Kinsei won the Gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

With the best-integrated technology and reliable Bosch motors, KOGA e-bikes are known for their balance and ease while cycling. They also offer the Bosch Smart System, where you can connect your e-bike to the e-Bike Flow app, resulting in increased efficiency.

Popular e-bikes: Vectro S30, Evia Pro Automatic, E-Nova Evo PT Automatic

Price range: €3150 – €5800

Stella Morena Premium ebike

Morena Premium


Stella is the largest e-bike specialist in the Netherlands and is known to customize every e-bike according to its usage. They put much effort and passion into designing their bikes using the best technology, giving you the most of your e-bike. They produce and assemble their e-bikes in the Netherlands, using premium Dutch quality products.

All of their e-bikes have a warranty of up to five years and a three-year warranty on the battery. Some of their unique selling points are providing free test rides and service at your doorstep.

Moreover, they offer national coverage to e-bike test centres and service centres nationwide.

Their Livorno Premium MDB SI was declared the test winner of the ANWB E-bike Test 2023. In 2022, four of their e-bikes won the ElektroRad E-bike Test.

Popular e-bikes: Morena Premium, Livorno Premium, Tierra Pro

Price range: €1550 – €2400

Batavus Altura E-go Power ebike

Altura E-go Power


Another ruling bicycle brand in the Netherlands is Batavus, famous for all kinds of bikes for all age groups. They have a wide range of cargo bikes, children’s bikes, and family bikes, along with regular bikes. At Batavus, each bike has its own characteristics and is safe, smooth, and stylish, complete with a beautiful look.

Sustainability being their primary focus, Batavus uses eco-friendly materials and water-based paints for building their bikes. They also test their raw materials before using them for production.

Additionally, Batavus is in partnership with Veilig Verkeer Nederland, the ANWB, and the Fietsersbond to promote bicycle safety.

Popular e-bikes: Finez E-go, Altura E-go Power, Tuesday E-go Classic

Price range: €2000 – €5000

Babboe Curve-E ebike



For the past 15 years, Babboe has been specializing in designing cargo bikes, making it convenient to travel with your children or pets. All their e-bikes are sustainable and affordable and are available in different sizes.

In March 2023, Babboe won the award for the Best Bicycle Webshop in the Netherlands.

They also build cargo bikes for businesses such as delivery service companies. Known as Babboe Pro, small business owners can lease their transport cargo e-bikes according to their suitability.

Popular e-bikes: City-E, Curve-E, City Mountain

Price range: €1600 – €5550

QWIC Q MN8 Belt ebike

Q MN8 Belt


QWIC was founded in 2006 after the founders took inspiration from their cycling tour from Beirut to Beijing and encountered an old lady riding an electric bike. Their mission is to build a future with car-free cities.

One of their unique concepts is their employees use the QWIC bicycles for traveling to work. This way, they get first-hand experience of the challenges and focus on improving their design.

Their e-bike Mira Tour has been voted with excellent points by ElektroRad Bike Test 2023 and declared a Stylish All-rounder. In 2022, ANWB named the MN7D+ one of the best e-bikes.

Popular e-bikes: i MN7+, RD11 Speed, Q MN8 Belt

Price range: €2100 – €5700

VanMoof S3 Limited Edition ebike

S3 Limited Edition


Although their popularity has decreased since 2022, VanMoof remains one of the most sought-after brands for electric bikes among all ages. Their unique designs claim to shatter all stereotypes of a typical appearance of an electric bike. In addition, their sturdy materials make the bikes fast and smooth and are guaranteed to last for a long time.

One of their main selling points is their integrated theft defense systems, giving their customers a safe and worry-free ride every single time.

For their newly launched e-bikes S5 and A5, you can take a test ride and make an early booking to save €500 from their original price.

Popular e-bikes: VanMoof S3, S3 Limited Edition, VanMoof X3

Price range: €2000 – €3900

Apart from this, you can head to Decathlon, the biggest sports store in the Netherlands, to choose the best e-bikes you prefer. It has a range of options that suits your style and budget. Amazon also has a wide range of e-bikes, according to your preference, price range, weight, etc.

If you’d like to read more about how e-bikes work, this guide by BikeFair provides detailed information.

We hope this helps you choose the best e-bike in the Netherlands among the top brands. Then, this summer, make your family cycling trip more enjoyable with good-quality electric bikes from the list.