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Average Cost of Utilities in the Netherlands

Categories: Housing,Latest News

Before moving to a new country, you should first research the cost of living. You want to know how much you’ll spend on necessities like water, gas, internet, and other utilities. While there are many ways you can save money on essential things, there are unavoidable fees in the average cost of utilities in the Netherlands.

Several utility providers in the Netherlands offer different plans for a certain amount every month. But there is an average cost for every utility you connect, depending on your usage. In this article, we have made all this easier to understand by explaining the average monthly amount spent on each essential utility.

Gas and Electricity

Electricity is one of the first things you’ll need once you move to a new place. A cooking gas connection comes next. Different companies offer various plans suitable for your use. However, the average bill for your gas and electricity connection should be around 100 to 150 euros per month. Out of this, gas is costlier than electricity. But, of course, it depends on your use and the type of appliance.

Most often, energy companies provide you with a yearly contract. You can choose to pay a certain fixed amount every month. At the end of the year, the company calculates your usage. Accordingly, you receive the difference if your use has been lower than the monthly amount. Conversely, if there has been a high usage, they send you an invoice for the extra amount.

If you use your gas for cooking several meals a day, your monthly bill can go slightly higher than the expected cost. If you’re not keen on cooking every day, you can save on the gas bill this way. You can opt for an induction heater which runs on electricity. But again, the monthly cost will depend on your usage. Instead of incandescent bulbs, go for LED lights. They’re more energy and cost-efficient.

Replace your old appliances with energy-efficient ones. Every appliance comes with an energy consumption sticker. It tells how much energy that appliance will use.


Water is used for almost every other thing in the house.

Every household receives its water bill, which consists of two parts:

While the tax amount is decided on many factors, water supply cost depends on your use. The average bill for water usage comes up to 150 euros per year. It can be cheaper if the readings are calculated through a water meter.

While the tax amount is decided on many factors, water supply cost depends on your use. This year, the average bill for water usage should come up to 200 euros for a one person household. It can be cheaper if the readings are calculated through a water meter.

Because the Netherlands is generally cold, every house receives running hot water. In some homes, heaters also work on hot water. Sometimes, you receive a separate bill for your hot water and heating usage apart from your electricity bill.

average cost of utilities in the netherlands tv internet

Internet and TV

Internet is the need of the hour. A Wi-Fi connection is considered among the survival essentials – as vital as water and electricity. Once you move to a new house, you will want to connect to a reliable internet connection. Dutch internet prices, though, are among the highest in Europe. All providers offer a package which consists of an internet and TV connection. However, you can also opt for an internet-only connection if you feel TV is unnecessary.

Several internet and TV connection companies offer packages at different rates. The average monthly cost for internet and TV combined comes to around 50 to 60 euros, depending on the provider and amount of data. If you opt for an internet-only connection, you will receive much lesser monthly charges, around 30-40 euros.

average cost of utilities in the netherlands mobile phone

Mobile Phone and Data

A mobile phone plan is another essential utility. Various telecom companies offer reasonable monthly plans. You can choose from the amount of data you’re likely to use every month. There are various types of plans which you can select from, such as data-only, local calling, and international roaming plans.

On average, it costs from 5-10 euros a month for 1GB of data. Phone calling costs approximately 10-20 euros for unlimited domestic calls. Sim-only subscriptions start from around 3.5-4 euros per month. Different charges are applied per the plan if you opt for international roaming. You can also use a post-paid plan if your data usage is high.

average cost of utilities in the netherlands utility trajectory

The Trajectory for Utility Prices

With the fast-moving world, almost everything is getting costlier. The utilities we use are no exception. The Netherlands is already one of the most expensive countries in the world, and its average cost of utilities is higher than most in Europe. Moreover, these prices will likely rise even more in the coming year(s).

However, as per reports, the Netherlands saw a surprising drop in electricity prices in the first half of 2021. The prices decreased by almost 10.2% compared to the previous year, while gas prices increased by 9.6%.

Various other factors contribute to this pattern – unfavorable weather generates less wind energy than required. Moreover, cold winters cause more usage of heaters and hot water. In summer, the scorching heat makes people resort to fans and air-conditioners – to name a few examples.

Internet prices are not likely to go down either. While most offices have reopened, many people continue with the work-from-home trend. Hence, there’s a demand for higher broadband speed which affects the prices and the monthly costs.

We hope you have a clear picture of how much you’re looking at interns of the average cost of utilities in the Netherlands each month. So, plan your savings accordingly while also considering the expected price rise.