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Utility Connection Services in the Netherlands

Categories: Housing,Latest News

So you’ve found a great new house or apartment. Now, all that is left to do is set up your utilities. But, what is the best way to go about this? Is it to find individual providers for energy, internet, tv, electricity, sim card etc? Perhaps consider one of the utility connection services in the Netherlands and get a one-stop-shop for all your new utility needs.

In the Netherlands, there are two utility connection services that are far and away the top of the pile. Furthermore, these English speaking utility connection services are about as expat-friendly as you can get, so you do not have to navigate the daunting landscape of individual providers, prices, and offers.

utility connection services in the Netherlands-expat republic

Utility Connection Services

  • PartnerPete: As a utility service provider in the Netherlands, PartnerPete offers various services to some 15,000 ex-pats moving into the country per year. Through English language support and special service provider partnerships, PartnerPete is able to provide the best deals around on your utility needs. Within 3 days PartnerPete will arrange all your utility needs at once, finding you the most flexible contracts available. Through trusted service provider partnerships like Greenchoice, KPN, ABN Amro, and more, PartnerPete can find the perfect utility solution, whether you are new or already in the Netherlands.
  • EasyNuts: Within 24 hours, EasyNuts is able to provide ex-pats in the Netherlands with the best deals on energy, internet, TV, phone, water and insurance. EasyNuts partners with the most trusted utility providers and is also able to arrange flexible contracts. What does that mean? Cancel anytime without penalty! What’s more, EasyNuts is also able to deliver 100% green energy and can even provide sustainable solutions for your home like solar panels. Ultimately, this saves you on your energy bill.

Remember when choosing providers of any kind it is best to go with a company you can rely on and is accessible to your needs. PartnerPete and EasyNuts are just that – they sort it out, get great deals, and therefore, reduce headaches.