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Student & Study Financing, Grants and Scholarships In The Netherlands You Didn’t Know About

Categories: career & jobs

The jobs market in the Netherlands is exploding. There are simply more jobs than people. However, if you need to re-skill, did you know there are a variety of loans, student grants, and tax credits available in the Netherlands to help?

This year is a great time to re-skill into ICT with multiple subsidies and financing options in the Netherlands. According to Ironhack, approximately 120,000 jobs will be available in 2030, for which no appropriate technical candidates will be available.

However, not everyone can afford to retrain. The prospect of quitting your job and losing your salary for a while you learn a new skill is simply out of reach for most people. However, there are options available if you are considering switching careers. Here is a comprehensive guide to take advantage of those cost savings and opportunities and better understand the available finance and student grants in the Netherlands.


One of the most common forms of financing in the Netherlands is DUO. Students eligible for student finance in secondary vocational education (MBO), college (HBO), and university (WO) receive it from the Education Executive Agency. DUO is a one-stop shop for student financing. There are four main types of Dutch student financing: a supplementary grant, a basic grant (MBO only), regular loans, and tuition fee loans. Each has a range of eligibility requirements. According to your circumstances, the supplementary and basic grant is an allowance from the Dutch government for monthly living expenses. In addition, if you graduate within ten years of studying, you don’t have to pay back the supplementary grant. But there are other conditions attached. You can apply for a loan through the DUO website. You will receive the money every month as a secondary allowance.

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STAP budget

This exciting program lets people gain or upgrade skills via a personal budget. This comes as a tax credit for education and training courses. The level of financial assistance is determined by age, income, and employment situation. Unlike other programs, this program is open to anyone between 18 and above the state pension age (66). It includes those employed, unemployed, or even on sick leave. To be eligible, you must be a legal resident in the Netherlands, have a valid BSN, and not owe money to Tax and Customs. Vocational, language and other courses designed to increase employability are available. Personal budgets can cover tuition and exam fees, among other costs. Individual funding is provided as a subsidy and needs not to be repaid!

Applicants apply online through the website of UWV. Once approved, you get a personal budget of up to €1,000 for eligible education or training. Overall, there is €125 million available with five application periods during the year. The next one begins on May 1 at 10:00 am. So, what are you waiting for?

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Lifelong learning credit

Generally, if you are between 30 and 56, DUO funding isn’t available. However, you may be eligible for a lifelong learning credit. You must meet some conditions to qualify for it, though. The most important are: you’re taking a recognized full-time, part-time, or work-study program in higher professional education (HBO) or at university (also covers modular programs). Or you’re taking a full-time BOL program in secondary vocational education (MBO). , Depending on your specific repayment terms, loans must be repaid within 15 or 35 years.

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Many can’t afford to pay thousands of euros to study and work full-time simultaneously. Luckily, there is another way around this. A partner of Ironhack, TechMeUp offers students financial peace of mind by providing them with the financial assistance they need for their tech education. They do this through interest-free loans of €2,500, €5,000, and €7,500 for training fees and/or living allowance. Students will pay the money back only once they find a job. A proven advantage of IT retraining is better work conditions and more job opportunities. So, why not start your tech education with TechMeUp? A future as a data analyst, full-stack developer, or UX specialist awaits. You can sign up to learn more with no obligation.

Mobility teams (RMT)

Regional mobility teams are an initiative to assist those at risk of losing their jobs in the ever-evolving job market. Every municipality has a team that helps people to re-skill into ICT. Comprising various representatives from organizations such as local municipalities, educational institutions, and job placement agencies, they can assist you with transitioning from one job to another. They offer career counseling, retraining programs, and job application and interview advice. Regional mobility teams work in partnership with local employers to find jobs. They also join forces with educational institutions to provide training to people. As well as job-related help, these teams can offer guidance on financial benefits and other resources available to help people manage financially after job loss. There is €24 million available, or €5000 per person. The admissions team at Ironhack can help with requesting this subsidy.


Providing three payment options, this organization makes learning affordable. They will work with you to find an attractive and flexible financing option. The course fee can be financed by 100%. 72-month loans are available. The monthly cost of borrowing € 1,000 is approximately € 16.50, including an average interest rate of approximately € 2.60. It is always possible to repay the loan early without penalty. Students must live in the Netherlands, have a Dutch bank account, and meet certain loan requirements. Finance4Learning is supported by Santander Bank (the fourth largest in the world) and the European Investment Fund.

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Ironhack is a Global Tech School ranked top 2 worldwide. Their mission is to help people transform their careers and join a thriving community of tech professionals that love what they do.

They do this through Intensive courses & bootcamps in Web Development, UX/UI Design, Data Analytics & Cybersecurity, as well as Career Week aimed at helping our students prepare to look for a job after the course.

Ironhack is present in 8 countries and has campuses in different locations. When you study with Ironhack Netherlands, you can benefit from the flexibility of a remote Bootcamp, as well as on-campus events, meetups, and our famous Alumni Parties!

Ironhack Key Facts:

  • +11000 alumni (Ironhackers)
  • + 60 nationalities
  • + 500 Partners
  • + 600 student testimonials

If you need additional funding or a living allowance to pay your cost of living or daycare, the Dutch government can subsidize Ironhack’s tuition fees by up to 80%. Interested? Find more information here.