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Last Chance to Order Your Free-Range Turkey

Categories: Food and Drinks,Latest News

Ringing in the holidays in the Netherlands and need to find the best fixings for your feast? This year’s best Christmas turkeys come to you straight from Anton and Lotte’s free-range farm.

Choose from a boned, ready-stuffed bird – just pop it into the oven – or order a free-range turkey for you to stuff and season to taste. All orders come with foolproof instructions and a free meat thermometer to help you cook the turkey to perfection. Order by December 11th to ensure you have a special turkey for your table this festive season.

Anton Jacobs and his daughter Lotte have just a few birds left to sell this Christmas. These second- and third-generation poultry farmers lovingly rear their turkeys in Rijkevoort, a village tucked away in the rural southeast of the country. As long as the weather permits, the birds spend their days outside, stress-free and happy.

free range turkey-grutto

They are free to roam the grassy fields of the farm, which is surrounded by fruit orchards. As well as pecking at the grass and other vegetation, they are given good, natural feed. The turkeys are kept in the farm’s old cowshed at night (and during the day in case of bad weather). Here, they can explore among the straw bales and have plenty of space to roost.

“We are turkey pioneers,” smiles Anton when asked about his farm. It’s true – these are the only turkeys in the Netherlands reared in Anton and Lotte’s innovative way. On average, each bird has one square meter of space to itself, both inside and outdoors. That’s three times the minimum requirement for organic farming.

“We use exceptional methods and we rear exceptional birds,” says Anton. “All our turkeys are Caringa Light Bronzes. This breed is a cross between the original American wild turkey and French domesticated birds. It’s a beautiful, slow-growing variety, and it’s known for its deliciously juicy meat and fine flavor.”

free range turkey-grutto-farm

If you are looking for a delicious, local, and humanely-reared free-range turkey this Christmas, Anton and Lotte’s birds are now available through Grutto. Grutto takes a whole new approach to the way it sells meat. They use a unique crowd-buying approach to animals like cows and pigs that ensures no part of the animal goes to waste.

Grutto is committed to making the process from farm to table as transparent as possible. The company prioritizes animal welfare, traceability, and freshness. And there is no need to worry about hormones, chemicals, or antibiotics – all Grutto’s meat is completely natural. Simply order via the website now and your turkey will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Go to the Grutto website to place your order – orders taken until 11 December.