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The Dutch Beer Pot

Monthly Money Tip Brought to you by bunq bank of the free

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The Dutch Beer Pot – Monthly Money Tip Brought to you by bunq Bank of the Free

Categories: Money Tips

Dutch Nightlife

The Dutch beer pot is an interesting part of Dutch nightlife. Basically, folks get together and contribute an equal amount of money say 10 or 20 EUROs each. The designated beer pot holder then goes and pays the drinks for everyone one round at a time (with some assistance of course). This uniquely efficient way of going out makes paying the bill easier and avoids awkward exchange of money at the end of the night. This also allows your to control your spending and will hopefully help avoid those late night “mistakes” which are too often due to too much consumption.

The Digital Beer Pot

The beauty of the beer pot concept is, with the help of bunq, the beer pot can be extended to every aspect of your life. Setup a shared or joint bank account in minutes, contribute money to the account  with your friends and have everyone link their Maestro cards to that account on the fly. A great for the whole group to control their costs!

The Bank Of the Free

You’re definitely going to want to check out bunq, special thanks for their monthly money tip to our audience! At bunq they believe that you should be able to bank with whomever, whenever you want.  Also ranked as 2018 Fintech 50 “One to Watch”. bunq aims to create the best bank to serve the international  and expatriate community living in The Netherlands. Everything is super easy, leaving you free to enjoy your new life!

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