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Do You Have Sleep Problems? Learn Your Sleep Chronotype

Categories: Healthcare,Latest News

Have you heard of the sleep chronotype? In all honestly, you probably have not but if you suffer from chronic sleep problems, it would be helpful that you do.

Traditionally, we think of the “early bird” and the “night owl” as the two types of sleep personalities. This is not correct. In fact, there are four animals associated with sleep and none are birds. They are the lion, bear, wolf, and dolphin. These four animal personalities make up the chronotypes of sleep.

sleep chronotype

The 4 Sleep Chronotypes

  • Lion: Naturally wakes up early and is at their most efficient before anyone else is awake
  • Bear: The traditional animal chronotype of society
  • Wolf: The person who works best after midnight
  • Dolphin: A person who has trouble sleeping and may suffer from insomnia

Essentially, a chronotype is your own biological clock. This clock controls all your body’s rhythms. This clock affects more than your circadian rhythms. It also affects your diet=m, social life, professional life, and exercise.

If you are interested to learn more, find your chronotype and how these types impact your sleep and habits with this quiz. Through the quiz you will learn the characteristics associated with your sleep chronotype. It will help you adjust your routines according to your naturally occurring internal clock.

If you are looking for professional assistance adapting to your sleep chronotype, consult Jenkins Health Coaching and improve work-life balance, increase energy, and level up performance.