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The Netherlands Witnesses Rise in Asylum Seekers in 2023

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Amid the year of global upheaval in 2023, the Netherlands became a beacon of hope for those seeking safe harbor. The amount of asylum seekers in the Netherlands notably increased to over 38,000, an 8% increase from 2022, as per the latest data from CBS.

Ukrainian refugees at Lviv train station

Demographic Insights into Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands

The latter half of the year saw a surge in applications, with over 23,000 asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Yet, the tale of migration isn’t straightforward, as noted by the decrease in Ukrainian applicants to just 600, down by 460.

Syrians continue to make up the largest group, with 13,000 first-time applications, indicative of the continuing strife in the region. Not far behind are individuals from Turkey and Eritrea – the latter showing a massive rise of 72% in applications.

The data reveals a predominance of young males within the asylum seekers, especially among Syrians and Yemenis, with 84 and 83 percent male applicants, respectively. Most are under 35, with 30% under 18, presenting the youthful face of this migration.

a refugees welcome sign hanging from a brick building

Family Reunification Trends

On a brighter note, family reunions occurred despite a slight decline. Over 10,000 family members arrived, 800 fewer than the previous year. This decrease is attributed to fewer family members from Syria and Eritrea, although Yemeni family arrivals have doubled. Women and children form the majority of these groups and emphasize the pursuit of familial security within the Netherlands’ borders.

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This comprehensive data unveils the continually adapting migration landscape in the Netherlands. It’s a testament to the nation’s commitment to humanitarian principles amidst the complexities of increased asylum requests and their societal integration.