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Largest Floral Market in the World-featured

The Largest Floral Market in the World

Brightening up the typical Dutch landscapes with a patchwork of color, the beautiful flower fields of the Netherlands are known throughout the world. Attracting numerous visitors from various countries each year, flowers are also a prosperous industry in the Netherlands, with the country being the largest flower exporter in the world. At the heart of…

play football in amsterdam-featured

The Easiest Way to Play Football in Amsterdam: FC Urban

Moving to a new city in the Netherlands can be tough if you don’t know many people there. This is especially the case for expat football fanatics, who generally require a few footballing friends to make up a team, or need to have a good grasp of Dutch to join most traditional clubs. And then, even…

The Hague's best Pedicure-1

The Hague’s Best Pedicure

With the sun shining for spring, and summer not too far away, it’s time to kick off your boots and dip your toes into the sand of Scheveningen. But before you do, make sure your feet are flip-flop ready by getting a relaxing pedicure.

Dutch Public Holidays-featured

Dutch Public Holidays and Key Dates for 2024 & 2025

The Dutch have a variety of national, public, and other holidays to keep track of. Whether you’ve just moved to the lowlands, or have lived here all your life, knowing these key Dutch public holidays will save you the embarrassment of going to work when you don’t have to.

At the Grassroots with the Royal Dutch Football Association-featured

At the Grassroots with the Royal Dutch Football Association

A love for playing and watching football drew Pim van der Hoorn to a job with the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), where he now works as a marketer and product manager. Together with colleagues, he quickly put his savvy marketing skills to use developing Kicks – a low-commitment pickup football program that’s perfect for…

Amsterdams Best Pedicures-featured

Amsterdam’s Best Pedicure

Whether you’ve been pounding the pavements too much and desperately need some relief, or whether you simply want to kick back and indulge your need for relaxation, there’s nothing like a pedicure. Relaxing while your toes and feet are exfoliated, massaged, moisturized and pumiced to perfection is pure pleasure, and the results make your feet…

Discover the North – Amsterdam a Across the River

The NDSM Wharf It’s in spitting distance of Central Station, and just a two minute ferry ride across the river IJ, but to native Amsterdammers, Amsterdam Noord may as well be another world. Lucky for you, you’re not a native. You’re an expat hungry for new experiences and open to wandering off the beaten track….

Leukste Wijnbars van Amsterdam-featured

11 Leukste Wijnbars van Amsterdam

11x de leukste wijnbars van Amsterdam Wijnbars zijn in opkomst in de hoofdstad. Kon je voorheen het aantal wijnbars op één hand tellen, anno 2017 struikel je over bars en café’s waar je wel heel erg fijn een wijntje kunt drinken. En bij de meeste wijnbars kun je ook nog wat lekkers eten. Van goed…

The Best Sushi Between the ‘Dams

Tourism-wise, food-wise, and otherwise, Amsterdam gets all the attention. But Rotterdam would like a word. Named “Europe’s next capital of cool” by Vogue magazine and only a short train journey from Amsterdam, the port city is dynamic, forward-looking, and bristling with energy. So for this food guide, it’s only right that we roll Rotterdam into…

Best Mexican Food in Amsterdam-featured

Best Mexican Restaurants in Amsterdam

Don’t worry Andrea, we got this. Mexican food is somewhat underrepresented in Amsterdam. But hidden among the kebab joints and steakhouses there are some great places to get your south of the border order.