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7 Best Restaurants in the Hague

Categories: Food and Drinks,Latest News

Craving a culinary adventure in the Hague that guarantees a happy belly? Well, you’re in the right spot! We’ve carefully compiled a list of the absolute best restaurants in The Hague, ensuring your taste buds are in for a treat worth every penny. Because let’s face it, good food has the power to brighten up your mood like nothing else. Let’s dive into the rich culinary scene this Dutch political capital has to offer.



Want to be taken on a wonderful Mediterranean journey? Time to head to Tapisco, where you can find the best Spanish tapas and Portuguese petiscos. The restaurant’s very name is a fusion of “tapas” and “petiscos.” Their skilled cooks craft small yet extraordinary dishes, promising an explosion of taste with every bite. Recently renovated, this culinary haven has continuously earned a spot on the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand list from 2018 to 2023. A proof of the consistently delightful dining experience it offers.

Jereon de Wal wrote on Google Review: “Enjoyed a wonderful birthday dinner at the Chef’s Table. Excellent dishes, not too heavy in terms of size of portions, good whisky. The ambiance, especially the furniture, is a sight for sore eyes. Definitely worth a visit when you’re keen on forgetting any sense of time, enjoying a slow-down moment with a good drink and wonderful food.”

Botanica The Hague


Botanica is the place to be for those dreaming of a vegetarian haven when searching for a restaurant in the Hague. Here, vegetables take center stage. Showcasing the enchantment of vegetables, Botanica ensures at least 80% of its dishes are plant-based and seasonally inspired. Meat and fish play the perfect supporting roles, enhancing the fresh and vibrant taste of the greens.

What sets Botanica apart is its unique twist on Dutch Traditional cuisine. You can savor an authentic Dutch food experience without the guilt of indulging in fried snack bites. Nestled between the shops of Noordeinde shopping street, Botanica is The Hague’s best-kept secret. Step inside to discover a sleek interior paired with a down-to-earth atmosphere.

Waroeng Padang Lapek

Waroeng Padang Lapek

In a country where Indonesian restaurants are abundant, one stands out among the rest – Waroeng Padang Lapek. Its popularity among Indonesians isn’t solely attributed to its delicious taste but also its authentic non-westernized flavors.

At the heart of Waroeng Padang Lapek’s menu is Padang food, or “Nasi Padang,” a cherished Indonesian dish from West Sumatra. A complete menu of Nasi Padang features white rice and an array of pre-cooked dishes, including beef, veggies, and eggs. This is recommended if you want to try different tastes in one sitting.

But the menu here extends beyond Nasi Padang. They also offer a variety of Indonesian specialties, from satays to soups and desserts. With an impressive 4.6 rating on Google Review, a visit to this place guarantees a full and contented belly.

Portfolio The Hague


Portfolio restaurant in The Hague is a culinary marvel where chef Kasper Verlinden and sommelier Remco van Antwerpen craft a unique, flavorful experience. Established in 2017, their menu spotlights fish, shellfish, and seafood with distinct Asian influences. The restaurant’s commitment to seasonal products means a regularly changing menu. So there will be fresh discoveries at your every visit.

The menu at Portfolio does not include the regular starters, main courses, and desserts. They offer a chef’s menu comprising 9 to 10 small, expertly prepared dishes. While it sounds like a lot, the portions are kept small. This lets you enjoy a variety of rich flavors all at once. You can also choose matching wines with your food for the optimal taste experience.

The proof of Portfolio excellence can be seen in their reviews: 4.9 stars on Google Review and a perfect 5 on TripAdvisor. Indeed, rare ratings you can find!

Tommy's & Zuurveen

Tommy’s & Zuurveen

Another restaurant with almost perfect ratings: 4.8 on Google review and 9.4 on the fork.

Tommy’s & Zuurveen introduces a delightful blend of international flavors with Dutch, European, and global influences. The positive reviews praise it for its beautiful presentation and top-notch dishes.

The atmosphere exudes relaxation and coziness, creating an ideal setting for a night out, a big family dinner, or a romantic date. The menu, featuring three, four, and five courses, showcases the chef’s expertise, ensuring each dish is an exquisite masterpiece.

A review on TripAdvisor says, “We came here for our marriage anniversary #3. It was such a great experience. To start with, Tommy is such an amazing host. Considerate, hospitable and charming. We also love the menu concept: 1 with meat/fish and 1 with vegetarian, both for 3 courses, with an optional full glass/half glass wine pairing. Simple but classic! And then you taste the food, absolutely exquisite. They change the menu every once in a while. Definitely coming back for another time.

FYI, reserve your table in advance. It’s not a walk-in restaurant. Worth every penny you pay.”

Mammamia The Hague


In the mood for Italian goodness? There’s no other place in the Hague that can beat Mammamia. Glowing reviews bear witness to the exceptional food and service that consistently exceed expectations. Offering a diverse array of original Italian cuisine, Mammamia caters to every palate with options ranging from pasta to pizza, including classic delights and vegan and gluten-free choices.

What sets Mammamia apart is its commitment to quality, especially when it comes to pizza. The dough is freshly made and matured for forty-eight hours. You can be sure to have a perfect base meeting the highest standards. But beyond their savory sensations, Mammamia’s menu extends to delectable desserts. Their tiramisu, cheesecake, and panna cotta are the must-tries. Don’t leave this place without indulging in the sweet finale of your authentic Italian dish.

Zebedeus The Hague


Zebedeus is a restaurant in the Hague nestled in the iconic Grote Kerk church. They could not have chosen a more spot-on location. This is perfect for those who spend the day visiting and want to indulge in a delicious delicacy. Not just the location, their service, atmosphere, and food are to die for.

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Serving international cuisines, their guests usually come to enjoy their tasty op la, octopus, filet American, and sandwich lunch options. Not to mention the deserts, their cheesecakes, pecan pie, and crème brulée cannot be missed. The fancy decor, enjoyable ambiance, and historic surroundings let clients enjoy their meals in the best experience.

With this curated list of seven best restaurants in the Hague, you can now be sure your money is well spent. Whether your palate craves the delights of Asian, European, seafood, or vegetarian cuisine, the diverse options cater to every taste. So pick your favorite, and enjoy your culinary experience in the Hague!