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7 Things You Did Not Know About Dutch Love

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Love is the universal force of the universe. The whole world is looking for love is also a statement easy to agree on. But… we also know that love is different and unique in each place of the world and the Netherlands is no exception. That is why you’ll see 7 things that you probably didn’t know about Dutch love

7 Things about Dutch Love-featured

Love will set you free

Would you be able to guess the meaning of the Dutch word vrij? It is easy to guess, right? Vrij means free of course, but…. It does not stop here…. Let’s ask another question… Imagine that you were in a place with gorgeous men or women, your partner was not around, and you felt totally free? What would you do? Remember that these men or women are really steaming hot and they are in for a good time.

Once again, imagine that you felt totally vrij, then apart from your inhibitions you would also drop your pants, right? That is why vrij in Dutch has more than 1 meaning. If you say: ik vrij it also means that you make love.

That is why vrijdag (Friday) is such a special day. If you thought it only meant freeday, then think again… If you are open to more fantasy and imagination, it could mean Make Love Day as well 😊

7 Things about Dutch Love-post1

When it comes to love, everyone deserves a chance!

Have you already heard the Dutch expression ik heb sjans? Sjans sounds like the French word chance, and this has to do with luck as well… If you say ik heb sjans, it implies that you are lucky. Someone is interested in you, in a sensual way.

That is why sjansen can also mean flirten in Dutch. When people do it, they show that somehow they like the other in a physical sense. What happens after that will be a surprise. Quite often if you have sjans, you just notice that someone has a certain interest in you. It is not a guarantee for a romantic night, but…..you never know…

If you like to maintain a loving relationship, then do not just focus on this part of the body!

In Dutch, there is a saying: de liefde van de man gaat door de maag (the love of the man goes through the stomach). This advice was given to women, not a long time ago.

Even today it does add to the romance if you make a special meal for your loved one, but… we should add some very important information to this old wisdom. If you only focus on your partner’s stomach, then this will not do the trick. There are also other parts of a man (or woman) that need attention. Probably you already knew this, but it is always good to have absolute clarity about certain things 😊

7 Things about Dutch Love-post2

Lust is not always what you think it is

Lust is the same thing in Dutch as in English. It is a powerful force that can drive you completely crazy, but there is a catch…

How would you translate this Dutch sentence? Ik lust bananen. Maybe you thought it means you are lusting for bananas, but that is not true. If you say ik lust, it means that you like to eat something or that you can handle the taste of it. People may ask you: lust je haring? Do you like to eat herring? And then you can say ja or nee 😊

The real meaning of marriage

To marry in Spanish is casarse. Casa is house and if you marry, then probably you’ll move to another house. In Turkish ev is a house and evlenmek (to marry) shares this same idea.

Trouwen in Dutch has nothing to do with a house, but with trouw, which is loyal and faithful. You can say: mijn partner is trouw and that is a good reason to get married. But… you can also say: mijn partner is ontrouw. In this case, your partner also sleeps with other people.

The favorite class room of Dutch people is….

According to Dutch people, the best place to learn a foreign language is een bed. Certainly, during Summer, many Dutch people travel to warm and sunny countries and pick up new languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and sometimes even Greek….

There is, however, a strange thing. Although it seems to work for Dutch people, it does not have to work for you. You can share the sheets with Dutch people for years and years and still not pick up any Dutch at all…. Could you come up with a logical explanation?

7 Things about Dutch Love-post3

Love is the universal force that boosts your Dutch

How did you like reading this article so far? Chances are high that a theme like love can easily get your attention, right?

So here is a very logical next step…. If you like to improve your Dutch fast, then make sure that you use it while learning. It will not only make it more fun, but you’ll also feel far more engaged and….you’ll learn like crazy.

Have you noticed that most language courses are extremely unsensual and asexual? You might think that this is normal, but it only has one effect. It makes learning extremely tedious and boring. Always use the power of love when improving your Dutch and you can learn faster than you ever imagined.

That is why I always include it in everything that I do because it works. Talk about love in Dutch and you’ll love it. I hope that you love this idea 😊

This article was written by Albert Both (Meneer Dutch Brainwash), the man behind Talencoach, a language learning program that makes speaking Dutch easy as long as you have an open mind. To learn more download his free e-book or attend the next Talencoach Open Day