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Hello Fresh: Spice Up Your Expat Life with Global Flavors

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You travel to the Netherlands, settle in, and quickly adjust to expat life in the country. You also try the typical Dutch food from poffertjes to bitterballen to herring. But the foodie inside you craves the food back in your home.

Thousands of expats face the same issue while living in the Netherlands. While countless restaurants offer cuisines from all over the world, the memory of good homemade food makes one nostalgic. Bachelors and professionals with busy work schedules look for quick and easy options and are often disappointed with the lack of variety in their home cuisine. Although some people have the time to cook, no proper ingredients are available to match up to their taste level. To add to the woes, the food and grocery prices in the country are quite high. This makes many people avoid buying some items and look for cheaper alternatives. All in all, every expat in the Netherlands has faced some issues regarding food and cooking.

Enter Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is your one-stop, hassle-free solution to help you with all your cooking troubles. It is a concept designed especially for those who prefer spending less time in the kitchen. Identifying the challenges faced by expats, Hello Fresh provides an easy and reliable way to have your favorite lip-smacking dishes on your plate with a quick and convenient approach. Its online platform features hundreds of meal options and recipes based on your choice of cuisine, dietary requirements, calorie content, and much more. They focus on the core values of health, nutrition, and convenience and deliver the best ingredients and recipes that everyone in the family can enjoy. Even with basic ingredients, Hello Fresh gives you an interesting and unique cooking experience. Moreover, they offer subscriptions at quite an affordable price.

How Does it Work?

Hello Fresh offers a flexible membership, where you can choose a meal option for each week. Select the number of people you need the meal box for and the number of meals per week. Hello Fresh will assemble a box of fresh ingredients based on your selection and deliver it.

Selecting a meal box for every week involves only three simple steps:

  1. Choose your favorite recipes: There’s a wide range of cuisines and recipes for you to select from according to your diet, calories, cooking time, etc.
  2. Receive your meal box at home: Sit back and relax as your box of fresh vegetables and other ingredients arrives at your doorstep.
  3. Cook at your own pace: Put on some music while you prepare and relish a scrumptious meal using Hello Fresh ingredients.

You can change your meal preferences and the number of meals you eat each week. You can also pause your subscription if you want to take a break or cancel your membership anytime.

a flatlay of fresh vegetable ingredients

Choose from a Range of Categories

Hello Fresh offers a commendable variety of worldwide cuisines, from Asian to European to American. Korean Ramen, Indian curry, Mexican tacos, or Italian pasta – Hello Fresh answers all your cravings. Every recipe you choose comes with detailed information on the type of category, calorie count, and cook time. They also have a good selection of wines and desserts to go with your perfect meal.

Hello Fresh also lists recipes based on different categories, such as:

  • Quick recipes: Recipes that are ideal for your busy days, requiring at most 15-20 minutes to prepare.
  • Easy recipes: Recipes that require little preparation or ingredients. They are suitable for an easy meal after a hectic work day.
  • Calorie-conscious recipes: Perfect for someone watching their calorie intake. These recipes have less than 650 kcal.
  • Most popular recipes: A list of the most popular recipes from the world, such as pasta, steak, burgers, or chicken fillet.
  • Child and family-friendly recipes: Recipes that are safe and healthy for children or can serve a whole family.

Some Popular Hello Fresh Recipes to Try

While Hello Fresh has thousands of recipes to choose from, there are some recipes that you can always count on. We have shortlisted some of the most delicious recipes you should try.

Steak with potatoes: An ideal recipe for days when you crave some delicious juicy steak. With the goodness of beef and the crunchiness of baked potatoes, this perfect recipe will make anyone happy. Enjoy it with white cheese and yogurt salad and feel the explosion of tastes in your mouth.

Spaghetti with tomato-mascarpone sauce and vegetarian minced meat: This mouth-watering recipe gives a unique twist to your usual spaghetti. The perfect blend of tomatoes and mascarpone cheese gives this popular Italian recipe a delicious flavor. The vegetarian minced meat makes an exciting addition. This lip-smacking recipe is climate-conscious and a perfect meal for a family.

Plant-based burger with BBQ fries: If you love eating burgers but want a vegan option, try this interesting recipe. Loaded with the richness of plant-based ingredients, this burger tastes as heavenly as your favorite meat burger. It is healthy, delicious, and easy on the stomach. Enjoy it with fresh corn on the cob and baked fries.

Pita bread with vegetarian shawarma: This popular Turkish recipe is a delight and will take you back to your Middle Eastern roots. An excellent vegetarian alternative to meat shawarma, it has the goodness of barley, soy, and eggs. Filled with proteins, vitamins, and iron, this recipe will satisfy your shawarma cravings in a healthier way.

Spicy curry with chicken and rice: For an Asian, a warm meal of rice and curry invokes the nostalgia of home. This Indian chicken curry and rice recipe is full of spices and flavors and is ready within half an hour. Enjoy this delicious meal on a winter evening and feel it warm your heart and soul.

What Makes Hello Fresh Unique?

Hello Fresh lives by their motive of sustainability and encourages their customers to follow the same. A standard Hello Fresh meal box produces 11% less CO2 emissions as compared to the ingredients sold at supermarkets. All of their boxes are delivered by electric vehicles. You can return your used box and receive your next set of ingredients in the same one. Moreover, they buy produce directly from the suppliers, thereby maintaining the ingredient’s freshness and quality. Packaging only the required amount of ingredients in a meal box also prevents food wastage. Many of their recipes are climate-conscious, prepared using plant-based ingredients, and with minimal usage of animal-based products and processed foods.

Another key feature of Hello Fresh is their platform’s customizability. Customers have the flexibility to adjust the time of delivery at their convenience and to alter their subscriptions at any time. Their easy-to-use app provides a multitude of options with just the click of a button. With a range of discounts available on their website and app, Hello Fresh is widely favored by many expats looking for cheap and easy cooking options. You can also gift a Hello Fresh voucher to anyone who would love to try a different cooking style.

We hope this solves your cooking hassles to a great extent and that you can enjoy the delectable flavors of your favorite dishes while away from home. Register with Hello Fresh now and bring the nostalgia of fresh, home-cooked food straight to your doorstep.

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