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Good News for Home Buyers: Dutch Housing Market Shows Big Price Drops

Categories: Housing,Latest News

The NVM has recently released market figures showing promising news for people looking to buy a new home in the Netherlands. The report covers the first quarter of 2023, and it’s said that 50 percent more properties are now available compared to last year. This means that buyers now have more choices to consider when it comes to buying a home!

Another interesting thing the report highlights is that house prices in the Netherlands have fallen considerably. The average house price has dropped to €394,000. This is especially good news for those planning to buy a home in the country, as it represents a significant decrease from last year. In fact, house prices have fallen by 8.2% when compared to March 2022, which is displayed in the graph below.

source: NVM

This decrease in house prices is a good sign for prospective home buyers as it means they have more bargaining power and more time to carefully consider their options before deciding. All in all, the latest market figures from NVM suggest that the current housing market in the Netherlands is becoming more favorable to buyers, making it a better time than before to invest in a property. To read the full report, you can visit the NVM site.

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