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Career & Life Coaching for Expats

Certified Career & Life Coach

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Career & Life Coaching for Expats

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Longing for more balance in life? Not sure where to go from here? Looking for your passion and purpose?

The challenges an expat faces can be very different to what people experience living in their native country. Every expat faces his or her own unique challenges. Taking the time to reflect and get good support can be of great value and can enhance the quality of your life.

Long lasting change vs. the quick fix.

As a certified co-active Career & Life Coach Miguel Baumann has undergone comprehensive as well as extensive education ; and then has been focusing on expats ever since. The areas Miguel works with are often related to career where he applies focus around taking charge of your own life, breaking free of old structures, and around living life with passion and purpose.

His work focuses on the whole YOU ; with all aspects to achieve fundamental change. Not just minor improvement but real change aimed at transforming you for the rest of your life.

The coaching duration and frequency are completely tailored to you and your questions. Miguel works on what keeps you up at night and work towards energy and passion in your life!


If any of the above triggers your curiosity or if you have questions, just reach out via email to or read more on to schedule a free introductory session!