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The Best Savings Accounts in the Netherlands

Categories: Finance,Latest News

If you’ve been keeping an eye on savings interest rates in the Netherlands, you might have noticed they’ve finally started climbing after being stuck at rock bottom for ages. But even with this uptick, inflation soaring between 3% and 15%, plus that pesky 1% wealth tax, can make your actual returns look pretty bleak.

Don’t worry—there’s a way to beat this. The trick is finding those golden interest rates. If you’re stashing your cash with the big three—ABN Amro, ING, or Rabobank—you might want to shop around for a better deal.

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Right now, we’re seeing some of the juiciest deposit rates in 15 years, thanks to higher housing interest rates and the European Central Bank’s latest moves. Keeping tabs on the best rates can save you a bundle and boost your savings.

Whether you’re into locking down higher yields with a time deposit account or keeping things flexible with a savings account you can dip into at any time, there are plenty of choices from various banks and financial institutions throughout the Netherlands. This handy chart breaks down the best savings accounts in the Netherlands, comparing interest rates, management fees, required investment amounts, and other important details.

So take a look, weigh your options, and make sure your money is working as hard as you do in today’s ever-changing economy.

Bank Interest Rate Conditions / Notes Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Limitations
ABN AMRO 1.5% None None
ASN Bank Up to 1.75% None None
BigBank 3.0% (flexible) / 3.6% (fixed-term) Fixed-term starts at 12 months, minimum €1,000 None None
bunq 2.46% Up to €100,000 None Two withdrawals per month
Distingo Bank via Raisin 3.31% Available via Raisin platform None None
Freedom24 Up to 8.76% Depends on specific account type None Varies by account type
ING Bank Up to 1.50% None None
Lloyds Bank 2.50% None None
N26 2.8% None None
Openbank 3.65% for the first six months Promotional rate for first six months, then 2% None None
Rabobank Up to 1.70% None None
Scalable 4% for the first four months Promotional rate for first four months, then 2.6% None None
Trade Republic 4% None None
Triodos Bank Up to 1.70% None None
Saxo 2.15% None None