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American Companies You Can Work For in The Netherlands (Right Now)

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There are many reasons why the Netherlands is so popular with expats. Think great employee benefits and protection, positive work-life balance, and a standard of living that consistently ranks in the top ten globally. In addition, many internationally recognized brands base their European activities here. With well-developed infrastructure and a strong economy, the Netherlands has attracted some of the most prestigious global companies, including many American ones.

But why mention this? Well, for non-Dutch speakers, finding an English-speaking job is likely the top priority when moving to the Netherlands or considering a career switch. Plus, many global and market-level job functions are at U.S. companies’ Dutch headquarters. Working culture is also different in the Netherlands than in the United States.

So, if you’re planning to move from the U.S. or are seeking a familiar working culture to what you left back home, here’s a short selection of some of the most recognizable American companies that operate and hire in the Netherlands!

a woman inside a tesla car


Need we say more? Tesla is one of the world’s leading multinational automotive and clean energy companies. Tesla’s employee numbers are rapidly growing at their EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam, with dozens (or hundreds!) of job postings at any one time.


Another big hitter, Microsoft, retains an office in the Netherlands, right next to Schiphol airport. With job functions ranging from data analysts to product managers and regional strategists, Microsoft’s Schiphol office supports its broader European and global operations.


These names just keep getting more impressive. The search engine giant Google boasts a recently refurbished office in Amsterdam-Zuid. With a mixture of Dutch and English-speaking positions and job functionalities, Google might be the perfect option for your search. (No pun intended).


One of the world’s most admired and recognizable brands, IBM is no stranger to the Netherlands, having been in the country for over 90 years. At IBM’s Amsterdam headquarters, you’ll find a bustling expat community and job functions supporting European and global business operations.


Nike, instantly recognizable and part of everyday life for many, has its European headquarters in Hilversum, just south of Amsterdam. You’ll find marketing, communications, talent acquisition, and data roles, amongst many others. Being globally recognizable, Nike attracts expats from all over the globe.


Another American big-hitter based in Hilversum; audio system company Sonos is also present in the Netherlands. With engineering and software testing jobs, as well as early career internships available in the country, this likely music to the ears of many.

server stacks with hard drives in a data center


Digital communications have become crucial to the world we live in today. So, Cisco, one of the leading digital technology companies, is well placed with its European headquarters in Amsterdam’s Zuid-Oost region. If you’re a keen communicator, Cisco might be worth a look.

HP Inc.

HP Inc., Formerly known as HP, continues to operate in the Netherlands. Staff at its Amstelveen office continue to support customers of the personal computer and printer giant following the 2015 split of the original Hewlett-Packard business operations.


Boeing is one of the largest aircraft designers and manufacturers in the world. With business operations all over Europe, Boeing supplies and supports some of the largest airlines in the world. One of their European headquarters, focusing on digital aviation technologies, can be found in Amsterdam.


Another American company in the Netherlands that plays a key role in the lives of many is Uber. Uber has opened its EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam as part of its meteoric rise since operations began in California in 2011. Over 1,000 employees work from its recently opened office in Amsterdam’s Zuidas business district. You’ll find dozens of positions, from backend and data to sales, digital innovation, and marketing.

Kraft Heinz

Another true giant sharing the Zuidas business district is Kraft Heinz. With many global and regional roles working from the company’s Amsterdam office, career options might be mouth-watering. Besides Amsterdam, Kraft Heinz has an R&D location in Nijmegen.


Rounding off our list is a company that needs no introduction. Netflix’s Amsterdam office heads up its EMEA operations. Since opening in 2015, the office has expanded to over 350 employees. If you’re searching for a blockbuster career move, check out Netflix’s job postings!

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To Conclude

Our list is by no means complete. The Dutch working landscape is full of English-speaking positions at regional and global companies from the U.S. and beyond. Use job search engines to filter by location; a new career landscape is open to you.

Like in the U.S., filing taxes is an important and necessary part of working life in the Netherlands. If you need clarification on how the Dutch tax system works and your obligations, consider contacting Blue Umbrella. They’re experts in helping expats with their tax obligations, whether in the U.S. or the Netherlands. Remember, if you’re a U.S. citizen, you must file a U.S. tax return, even if you work and live abroad.