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Resources for Finding a House / Room in The Netherlands

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You’ve packed your bags and said goodbye to your homeland forever! Oh gosh no. Maybe not forever but maybe for a short while. One of the things we find newcomers struggle with is finding reasonably priced accommodations. This can be true for all budget ranges. There is the added bonus of having to deal with dodgy real-estate agents (makelaars in dutch) and of course the multitude of scams. As a general rule you should never accept to pay for an apartment if registration is not possible and/or if you haven’t actually visited the apartment. Also keep in mind the real estate agent cannot charge you a search fee if he/she is getting paid by the landlord. There’s also limits to how much they can charge you should you decide to use an agency to find you a house. We’ve listed some resources below to help you find your new home. – Pararius is one of the more well established larger rental portals. Many real-estate agents post their apartments there and the site is well managed and easy to use. The customer support is also quite good. They claim to have close to 11,000 properties across The Netherlands. The advantages of using Pararius is you get less scams as the real estate agents have to provide credentials. Again keep in mind Pararius will put you in touch with the real-estate agents and so you need to be critical of the fees you would be asked from those real-estate agents.

Kamernet – One of the larger room portals in The Netherlands, with over 100,000 rooms for rent per year makes it a helpful resource. There is however a signup fee and you’ll find rooms as well as apartments. Although the company does a very good job of screening for the good places, there’s always some dishonest scammer that may try to get through. It’s a great resource for those looking under the 1000 EUR p/m rental fee. Once you become a member the user interface is really handy to use. The site is available in Dutch and in English. – claims to be the largest room search site in The Netherlands. They indicate to have helped 159.000 students get a room. Also a well established brand. Site is available in both Dutch and English to help you navigate. Although the interface is not as sleek and sexy as Kamernet’s, it’s still a good resource. It seems to focus more on students



Miscellaneous Facebook Groups

There are a lot of Facebook groups which you can go to for assistance with a apartment hunting. A simple search on Facebook will reveal many groups. Here they are by city. If you can’t find one for your city, please reach out and we can suggest some in your area. Some tips such as searching for Expats in Amsterdam, Housing The Hague/Rotterdam/Leiden, Expats in Eindhoven, Apartments for rent in Rotterdam/Leiden/The Hague/Utrecht, Expats in Utrecht. There are loads of Facebook groups. Doing your search this way has the advantage of possibly connecting you directly with the landlord (cut out the middle man). Keep in mind however there are loads of scammers who will try to get the first month’s rent from you only to disappear moments later. Make sure to checkout the apartment first, ask for a phone number and whether or not registration is possible. Also be weary of apartments for rent from those residing outside The Netherlands.

Real-Estate Agents (Makelaars)

There are loads of real-estate agents out there. Some more honest than others and due to the overwhelming number of dishonest ones, there’s a sort of stigma around real-estate agents in general. From our standpoint we’ve personally investigated two, which follow the rules and provide good service. They’re listed below:

If you’ve had good experiences with others, please let us know – and we’ll list them here as well!

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