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Language Hacking – The Secret Weapon to Learning Dutch

It’s about modern day science and knowledge

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Language Hacking – The Secret Weapon to Learning Dutch

  • 18:30
  • 73, James Wattstraat, 1097 DL Amsterdam

Hoi allemaal! (‘Hi everyone!’)

You know what it feels like: everyday people speak to you in Dutch and you can’t understand what they’re saying. You’re the only one in the meeting who doesn’t speak Dutch and so the whole meeting is in English because of you. People hear you struggling with Dutch and they immediately switch to English. Feels a little hopeless doesn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Language learning can actually be easy and even fun. It’s about studying smarter, not harder. The key is to make it as effortless as possible by teaching in a way that your brain can easily take up the information. These little hacks will make progress much faster and easier.

In this seminar we’ll walk you through the various language hacks we use by examining the three pillars of language learning. We’ll take a look at what modern brain science says about learning, and how you can easily apply this to cut down on your own study time and accelerate your Dutch.

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At Dutch Ready they’ve perfected the 3 pillars of learning a language:

  • Personalization. Learning needs to be personalized: fitting your schedule, your interests and what you aim to achieve.
  • Generalization. Identify commonalities with skills and languages you already know. This makes it much easier for your brain to take in the information and reduces overwhelm when starting.
  • Simplification. Learning can be done tediously, by focusing on every detail perfectly, or effectively, by using clever principles and rules of thumb that are easier to comprehend and use, making progress much faster.

Want to know why learning vocabulary before bed is more effective than any other time during the day? How you can make Dutch grammar easier by comparing it to English? Or why effective language learning is like using a microwave?

Come join us on the 21st!

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Location of the event:

House of Watt, James Wattstraat 73, ask for the James Room (at the back)

About the Speaker:

Casper Zweerus is a bilingual Dutch language instructor with a background in cognitive neuroscience, and has trained loads of students using Dutch Ready’s unique ‘Language Hacking Techniques’. His training focuses on utilizing how the brain learns and processes information to make learning Dutch easier and more effective.

P.S. After the seminar we will be having drinks at the main bar and Casper will be available to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.